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2023 Fiat Topolino unveiled as a tiny, city-only electric car


May 31, 2023
2023 Fiat Topolino unveiled as a tiny, city-only electric car


Fiat took a trip to the heritage well to launch its own version of the quirky Citroën Ami unveiled in 2020. Called Topolino, the electric two-seater (it’s not legally considered a car) shares its basic proportions with its French sibling but features a retro-inspired exterior design.

The name wasn’t chosen randomly: Topolino (which means “little mouse” in Italian) was the nickname given to the original 500 built between 1936 and 1955. The first-generation model’s contribution to the project stops there. Designers instead drew inspiration from the second-generation 500 to differentiate the modern-day Topolino from the Citroën-branded model, and we’d argue the front end is even more retro than the new 500’s. It’s characterized by a pair of small, round lights, smaller turn signals, and a piece of trim shaped like a metal bumper.

Thick ropes replace the doors while creating a visual link between the Topolino and the beach-friendly 500 Jolly and 600 Jolly built by Ghia, among other coachbuilders, from the 1950s to the 1970s. Fiat hasn’t released photos of the back end yet, and it’s keeping the interior under wraps for the time being. The seats look a lot like the Ami’s, however, and we’re expecting most of the interior changes will be trim-related.

Similarly, the Italian brand isn’t ready to publish technical specifications. For context, the 1,070-pound Ami measures 95 inches long, 55 inches wide, and 60 inches tall; it fits in the back of a Ford F-250 Super Duty equipped with the longer of the two available cargo boxes. Power comes from an electric motor that draws electricity from a 5.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack to make eight horsepower. Driving range checks in at about 45 miles, which underlines the model’s positioning as a low-speed, city-only vehicle, and if you keep your foot down you’ll eventually reach a top speed of 27.9 mph. These riding mower-like specifications place the Topolino in the quadricycle segment.

Built in Morocco, the Fiat Topolino will go on sale in select markets in the coming months. Pricing hasn’t been announced but it’s of little interest to us, because nothing suggests this tiny EV will receive clearance to travel to the United States. Across the pond, it’s reasonable to assume pricing will start in the vicinity of €10,000 (about $10,700). Keep an eye out for it the next time you’re on a Mediterranean island.

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