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2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 Interior Review: Come for Boost Mode, stay for the elegance


May 4, 2023
2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 Interior Review: Come for Boost Mode, stay for the elegance


Is this a Mercedes? It could be. With clean surfaces and large screens, the cockpit of the 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 Prestige certainly looks the part of a Benz. The Genesis echoes many of the color and touch thematics that have made Mercedes’ interior design so successful over the past decade. And arguably, with fewer badges and flashy accents, the GV70’s interior has a more minimalistic aesthetic than that of MB, which has grown a bit blingy.

We’ve tested the Electrified GV70 twice already this year, and its all-electric powertrain is the clear reason to consider buying it if you live in one of the 23 states where it’s available. But diving deeper into the cabin, we find an environment that’s on par with anything in the segment, electric or otherwise.

Our tester checks in at $75,275, which is a decent chunk of change for a compact crossover. The Prestige package accounts for $6,800 — a fraction of the sticker, but an outsized part of the GV70’s elegant feel. Prestige adds Nappa leather seating surfaces, a microfiber headliner, a 12.3-inch three-dimensional instrument cluster (a worthwhile upgrade over the standard 8-inch), and Lexicon speakers. Nice-to-haves like heated second-row seats and door shades are also part of the package, as is a heated steering wheel, which should be standard at this price point.

Don’t underestimate the impact of the color scheme, which is one of the few elements unique to the Electrified version of GV70. The Glacier White Two-Tone triggers the muscle memory of the Mercedes EQS I drove back in the fall of ‘21. Maybe that’s coincidental, maybe not. Either way, it works.

The electric GV70 also adds some of Genesis’ party tricks, like the digital keycard and the fingerprinting features. It’s an appeal to a younger, tech-savvy crowd.

Pushing the Boost button in the steering wheel is irresistible. It summons an extra 54 horsepower for up to 10 seconds. Do that, mash the throttle and chuckle as your passengers’ stomachs flip. The GV70 delivers 429 hp normally, which is plenty; 483 is even better. 

Kudos to Genesis for offering this feature. Do you need push-to-pass in a compact crossover? Of course not. But surprise-and-delight features like this underscore the fun-to-drive element EVs offer and can lighten the conversation, which often drifts toward charging infrastructure, price and politics.

In Genesis’ nascent days more than 15 years ago, when the brand was just a single model under the Hyundai banner, the exterior design was familiar yet generic. From a distance the cars could be a Lexus or a Mercedes, and Hyundai was basically OK with that. Value was the selling point. Fake it until you make it. The interiors had a similar feel. Now, Genesis is its own brand and competitive in its own right. The electric GV70 interior does look like a Mercedes. But Genesis isn’t faking it anymore.


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