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2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 To start with Travel Evaluate: Slippery sedan adds massive array


Apr 3, 2023
2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 First Drive Review: Slippery sedan adds big range


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — What do you see when you glimpse at the Hyundai Ioniq 6? Even if you know what’s below the pores and skin, it doesn’t visually evoke just a different iteration of the Ioniq 5, with which it shares the identical Hyundai group E-GMP electrical system. Ditto the Kia EV6 or Genesis GV60. If you’re particularly vulnerable to the powers of suggestion, Hyundai would have you associate it with airplanes, and its “electric streamliner” description may press you further more in that path. On the other hand, your eager internet marketing BS detector could possibly have you rejecting those handy associations. The Ioniq 6 is, right after all, just a reskinned 5, proper? And that is likely plenty of explanation to like it, regardless of its sedan type factor presumably giving significantly less utility than its crossover-disguised-as-a-hatchback sibling.

But with minor to distinguish the Ioniq 5 and 6 on paper at initial glance, it’s almost unsettling to see how intently they align in price. Are we genuinely just picking out involving entire body design and style and design and style?

Pricing and configurations for the Ioniq 6 for the most component mirror people of the Ioniq 5.  The starting off place for the 6 is $42,715 (which include $1,115 in spot) for the SE trim with the standard assortment battery and rear-wheel push. Its 53-kilowatt-hour battery is great for an EPA-believed 240 miles on a full charge, with its single motor creating 149 horsepower — marginally significantly less than the base Ioniq 5’s 168 horsepower — and 258 pound-ft of torque.

Going up from there, everything else receives the lengthier-array battery with a capability of 77.4 kWh. Irrespective of trim, the RWD version’s solitary motor delivers 225 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. The dual-motor and for that reason all-wheel-generate variations get a nutritious 320 overall horsepower and an impressive 446 pound-feet of torque.

Exactly where it begins to get truly fascinating is in the believed array figures. The SE trim, with its 18-inch wheels and $46,615 starting off price, will go a bladder-bursting 361 miles on a one charge in RWD guise, when the $50,115 AWD edition will do a continue to impressive 316 miles. Going up to the rear-travel SEL ($48,815) and Restricted ($53,715) success in a reduce believed 305 miles due to their 20-inch wheels, which is practically equivalent to the variety of the Ioniq 5 (303 miles) with its 19-inch shoes. The AWD variations of the SEL ($52,315) and line-topping Constrained ($57,215) get a still respectable 270 miles of array, 3 miles much more than the Ioniq 5. Regardless of the battery or drivetrain, the Ioniq 6 will even now demand from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes making use of a 350-kW DC rapid charger — peak charging for the extended-variety battery is about 235 kW.

Wheel sizing accounts for aspect of the Ioniq 6’s extraordinary assortment, as does the enhanced efficiency of a new era of silicon-carbide chips. But just looking at the automobile, it’s difficult to disregard the aerodynamics at perform. Clearly, the Ioniq 6’s form is far sleeker than that of the 5. In addition to its streamlined silhouette, starting with a deeply bowing nose and terminating in a rear spoiler with winglet, the Ioniq 6 works by using other aerodynamic tips to retain it slippery. On the reduced front fascia are lively air flaps, with air curtains towards the bumper edges. A minimal lip in advance of the front wheels cuts down the air gap, and aerodynamic wheel handles assist the air slide on by. On the sides just forward of the rear bumper are “flow separation traps” that help take care of the circulation of the air around the rear. In all, the Ioniq 6 achieves an amazing drag coefficient of .22, on par with the Porsche Taycan and a little behind the Tesla Product S, Mercedes-Benz EQS and Lucid air.

It’s not what we had been thinking, but apparently plenty of people today have commented that the Ioniq 6 evokes the Porsche 911 that Hyundai VP and head of the Hyundai Layout Center, Hak Soo Ha, resolved what he referred to as the “elephant in the room” in entrance of the media collected in Scottsdale. “When you … get on the Boeing plane or Airbus plane, you are never inquiring, ‘Who copied who?’ Simply because air is air.” And that is what led to the Ioniq 6’s form. In this vein, he stated the 6 was impressed by planes, a soccer and, in the automotive realm, the Stout Scarab. Nonetheless, the excellent attendants who would grant us entry into McDowell Mountain Park even observed the similarities to the Porsche.

When Ioniq 6 pictures ended up launched, it was tricky not to ponder how its teardrop kind would influence its livability. Even seeing it in human being, the question of interior room lingered right until opening the rear door. “Holy s***,” was the to start with utterance at the sight of the sheer quantity of room among the rear seat cushions and the entrance seatbacks. And that was with the entrance seats pushed really much rearward. In truth, a tall person could more than easily sit powering one more equally extended-legged individual. Nicely, as long as they aren’t lengthy in the torso or fond of donning significant hats. Headroom is in limited supply, specially the nearer a single sits to the dashboard.

We started off this wet travel in a Constrained AWD. If you have pushed the Ioniq 5, or the Kia EV6, you rather substantially know what to anticipate in conditions of acceleration. It is not neck-snapping brief, but a 5-second -60 dash is a good deal to elicit joyous chuckles from occupants. Pushing the Ioniq 6 through corners, the sheer amount of money of grip it displays is pleasant, even on the wet desert pavement. It feels more glued to the road than the tail-content shenanigans we have been able to coax from the Ioniq 5. The suspension tuning is a handle, too. It’s stiff adequate to trace the undulations of the road, but anesthetized to cracks, manhole covers and other imperfections. The 6’s character in motion fortunately reflects its sporting exterior, and complements its torque-prosperous powertrain.

Practically as enjoyment as hustling the 6 down wet desert roads was catching up with other people in our cohort, and observing the equivalent vehicle in motion. There is one thing about observing that sculpted tail drop beneath acceleration, and the spray from the rear tires cyclone up then inward right before dispersing totally, being aware of regardless of what motorist behinds us was witnessing the similar phenomenon.

Later, we traded our prime trim for the longest-variety variation of the Ioniq 6, the SE RWD with the similar 77.4-kWh battery. From the exterior, there’s not a lot to enable differentiate it from the AWD variation aside from its 18-inch wheels. Within, the SE swaps the Hello-Tex seating substance for a simple fabric. It also ditches the sunroof, building the headroom predicament somewhat less cramped. The rest of the inside appeared mainly identical — exact same components, similar types, same layout, even the very same twin screens. It was not till driving that the variances grew to become apparent, in powertrain, of course, but also in absent tech options like the blind-place digicam, car windshield wipers and heated steering wheel.

Whilst not as quick as the a lot more effective AWD variations, the RWD is nonetheless no slouch, scooting to 60 mph in just about 7 seconds. Even in the rain, it took a comprehensive foot to the flooring in a corner to get the rear tires to slip free in any visible style, and even then all the things was reeled in with assuring alacrity. The relationship with the highway isn’t very as razor sharp as the Constrained on its 20-inchers, which may be a deficiency in a location like the Angeles Crest Highway or a boon on Michigan’s matted infrastructure, but made minor change in the Arizona desert. Take your decide.

Thinking about just how a great deal array is obtainable, and how little is sacrificed in phrases of convenience and ease, it’s tough not to favor the lessen-expense SE RWD with the very long-vary battery. Some of the better trims’ features are bound to be skipped, but finding an excess 56 miles out of the identical pack (or 46 miles if you’re evaluating AWD trims) for $2,200 less than the SEL and about $7,000 significantly less than the Minimal seems like a damn excellent offer.

At the end of the travel, it was noticeable just how clear the car’s paint remained, apart from the rear. Almost everywhere else — the nose, the doors, the rear fenders — was squeegeed clean by the continuous blow-dry of the ambiance it plunged by means of. Just the rear fascia under the ski-jump spoiler was speckled with dust-ringed water spots sprayed up from the road. It felt special.

So, damn it, which do you select if compelled to select: the Ioniq 5 or 6? Getting driven them both of those, it’s not a dilemma that we even want to entertain any longer, but it is just one that we’d experience envious of a person who had to make it. It’s more complex than just hatchback utility (Ioniq 5) vs. better efficiency (Ioniq 6). There is the wildly distinctive styling to be considered, as well as the actuality that the 6 has a experience to match its sporting aesthetics. But if you’re unburdened by the necessity to haul bulky cargo, and you like the easy curves of the 6 to the blocky retrofuturism of the 5, your alternative should really be effortless.

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