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  • Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

2023 Toyota Sienna Long-Term Update: Plugs and ports aplenty


May 29, 2023
2023 Toyota Sienna Long-Term Update: Plugs and ports aplenty

Any modern family hauler needs to have options for charging and powering electronics. And not just for the driver. Ideally, each passenger will have places to plug in their phones, tablets, mobile gaming consoles and whatever else can keep them entertained or productive on those cross-country road-trips. Our long-term 2023 Toyota Sienna minivan is no different. So what exactly does our Sienna Platinum AWD offer? Let’s take a look.

Up front, there’s the wireless charging pad. It’s conveniently located both out of the way but within reach. The problem here is that it doesn’t do a very good job of actually keeping the phone in place. With bumps, turns or acceleration, the phone will slide off the charger, or move just enough that charging fails.

If you prefer wired charging, there is a USB-A port just to the left of the wireless pad. It’s protected by a little flip-up cover, as are other plugs throughout the cabin. 

Also up front, in the open storage area below the bridge-style center console, is a 12-volt outlet for powering any compatible accessories you might have. You could always buy an aftermarket, old-school cigarette lighter for that, as well … you know, the kind that would always leave spiral-shaped burn marks on your fingers when your curiosity got the best of you as a kid.

For more device charging options up front, there is a USB-A and USB-C port inside the center console storage bin. It’s perfect for plugging in a phone and leaving it to charge, but it’s near enough that the passenger can still use their device while it’s plugged in. 

On the top rear of the center console are another USB-A and USB-C port under flip-up covers. Theres could be used either by front- or second-row passengers if their cords are long enough.

Below those, at the bottom of the rear of the center console, just in front of a pair of cupholders, is a three-prong, 12-volt AC outlet next to an HDMI input for the rear-seat entertainment screen. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yes, Mario Kart multiplayer.

Third row passengers don’t have the same luxuries, though. The right side has USB-A and -C ports below headphone jack. The right side just gets the headphone jack.

Finally, the cargo area has another 120-volt outlet in the wall directly behind the right third-row passenger. Perfect for tailgating, doing some work in the driveway, or powering another passenger’s device on the road.

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