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2024 Acura ZDX caught undisguised in spy photos


Jun 15, 2023
2024 Acura ZDX caught undisguised in spy photos


What you see above is our best look yet at the 2024 Acura ZDX. The SUV, while not completely production-ready (mainly the temporary headlights), is completely and totally devoid of line-obscuring camouflage. The resulting vehicle is clearly a toned-down Precision EV concept, and one that does a good job of hiding its GM underpinnings.

Like the concept, it has a forward-leaning nose with a blanked-out version of the Acura corporate pentagonal grille. The long nose gives way to a seriously raked windshield and a floating roof. That roof has a distinct rear pillar treatment with a little notch for the rear glass to create that floating look.

There are, of course, concessions to reality. The lower front fascia has relatively nondescript grilles, though they also don’t detract from the rest of the vehicle. And naturally there are large door mirrors and conventional grab handles to get in.

The ZDX will be based on the GM Ultium platform, and considering on the size and likely performance, will probably be closely related to the Chevy Blazer. To the credit of Acura’s designers, and also perhaps to GM’s architecture, the ZDX does not look like a reworked Blazer. And the differences will continue beyond the exterior. While GM will be dropping Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Honda and Acura versions of Ultium SUVs will keep the phone mirroring software. It will still have Google apps built-in as well as touchscreen support, unlike some gas-powered Acura models.

We’ll see the ZDX launch next year. It will even have a high-performance Type-S variant like the TLX and Integra. That leads us to believe something like the dual-motor 557-horsepower powertrain from the Blazer SS will be available. We’ll be curious to see what the more mild powertrains will be like, if they’ll all be dual-motor, or if there will be single-motor setups. And if there are single-motor layouts, whether they’ll be front- or rear-wheel drive, as both options are available on Blazer.

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