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2024 Acura ZDX getting Google in its infotainment


Jun 6, 2023
2024 Acura ZDX getting Google in its infotainment


Acura is joining a number of automakers (such as Polestar, Chevrolet and others) in integrating Google apps directly in its infotainment system, first on the 2024 ZDX electric SUV. The integration includes Google Maps, Google Assistant and other Google apps. Additionally, the infotainment will continue to support phone mirroring apps such as Apple CarPlay and Google’s own Android Auto.

Among those apps, perhaps the most useful will be Google Maps. The reason being that it will be able to plan routes that include charging stops and charging time estimates. In addition to the routing, Google Maps will be able to tell the car to start preconditioning the battery for the fastest possible charge times when going to a DC fast charger. Of course, other Google apps will let you sign in with your account so that you have access to them without connecting your phone.

But fortunately, you can connect and mirror your phone. This is notable as the ZDX will be on the GM Ultium platform, like the Honda Prologue. And GM is removing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support from its upcoming Ultium models. So if you do like those features and are interested in the Ultium electrics, you may want to consider the Acura and Honda models.

Another interesting tidbit from the Acura infotainment announcement is the fact that the ZDX will feature a touchscreen for the infotainment system. Almost all of Acura’s current gas-powered vehicles use an infotainment system built around a touchpad, which is the only way to interact with the system. The one exception so far has been the Integra, which simply lifted the Civic system wholesale. Acura didn’t say if the touchpad would also be included in the ZDX, though the screenshot of the system seems touchscreen-focused.

The ZDX is going on sale early next year, with a reveal presumably happening between now and then. As previously mentioned, it will be Ultium-based, and we’re expecting it to be similar in size and performance to the Chevy Blazer EV. A high-performance Type S version will be offered, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets something similar to the 557 horsepower of the Blazer EV SS.

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