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2024 Lexus LC 500 fixes its biggest problem with new touchscreen infotainment


May 17, 2023
2024 Lexus LC 500 fixes its biggest problem with new touchscreen infotainment


The 2024 Lexus LC 500 fixes the car’s biggest problem: its horrendous infotainment system. We got a sneak preview when Lexus dropped some update news for Europe, but now it’s confirmed for the U.S. Say goodbye to the old Lexus “Remote Touch” touchpad, and say hello to the new “Lexus Interface” touchscreen infotainment.

Yes, the ridiculous touchpad-based infotainment is officially gone, and while the new 12.3-inch touchscreen isn’t as beautifully tucked into the dash, the usability and practicality of the new touchscreen will come as a massive upgrade for anybody actually trying to operate the LC 500. The system is similar to what we’ve seen on other new Lexus and Toyota products, with big icons on the left for screen navigation — we expect it to be quick and responsive like other vehicles with this software. It also features wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto, so no more cords if you don’t want them.


Of course, there are other upgrades for 2024, too. A new interior color arrives named Dark Rose, and it looks just like it sounds. Two additional exterior colors join, called Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0 and Copper Crest. We’ll note that all of these changes apply to both the Coupe and the Convertible. Both body styles adopt the standard 21-inch forged wheels from the LC 500h for this model year, and Lexus adds a new 21-inch gloss black wheel option for 2024, as well. In other wheel and tire news, Lexus is dropping the spare tire and replacing it with a tire repair kit with the reasoning being to save space and weight.

One change specific to the Convertible is that it adds the ability to do the Bespoke Build option that was already possible with the coupe. This means you’ll be able to add items like a two-tone white and blue interior and pick unique styling elements for the spoiler, exterior trim and interior trim. Bespoke Build models will all come with a special interior badge and certificate of authenticity printed on Japanese washi paper that is signed and stamped by LC Chief Engineer Yasushi Muto and Lexus VP of Marketing Vinay Shahani.

The last big upgrade for 2024 comes in the form of an updated driver assistance suite — all LC 500s will now be equipped with Lexus Safety System+ 2.5. It adds more safety systems and upgrades others versus what the LC was equipped with previously.

Pricing for the LC 500 ticks up by $2,100 for 2024 and now starts at $98,850, including the $1,150 destination charge. The Convertible goes up, too, but only by $1,550, bringing its new base price to $106,350. 

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