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2024 Toyota Tacoma gets reveal date, multiple cab configurations


May 4, 2023
2024 Toyota Tacoma gets reveal date, multiple cab configurations


Surprise! We’ve got a bonus 2024 Toyota Tacoma teaser this week. And now there’s an end in sight for the teasers: May 19. That’s when we’ll finally see the midsize pickup truck revealed. Weirdly, that’s a Friday, and not a Tuesday, which has been a theme (Taco Tuesday, geddit?). We suppose that leaves a little room open for one final teaser before the big reveal.

Fortunately, today’s preview isn’t just a reveal date. Toyota released a few silhouettes of Tacoma models. There’s not a lot we can see of the styling, but it does confirm that there will be multiple cab and bed configurations for the truck. This is a stark contrast to the recently launched 2023 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, which are crew cabs with a single bed length.

From what we can tell, both extended and crew cabs on offer. The extended cab naturally comes with a longer bed as standard compared to the crew cab. But the crew cab will be available with an optional long bed.

That particular long-bed crew cab configuration is shown by the truck that’s clearly the upcoming Trailhunter. It has a big roof rack and sport bar on the bed. A previous teaser showed it would also have off-road bumpers designed by ARB.

Recapping previous tidbits about the Tacoma, we know it’s getting at least one hybrid powertrain, though it’s not clear if it will be a four- or six-cylinder. A manual transmission will be on offer, too. Spy photos have also suggested rear coil springs and an interior design similar to that of the Tundra. The interior will also be available with a removable Bluetooth speaker in the dash. The exterior will look a little like a smaller Tundra, too, particularly the subtle spoiler-like extensions off the tailgate and roof. And besides the Trailhunter, the TRD Pro trim will return as the model’s staple off-road variant.

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