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2024 Toyota Tacoma will have a manual transmission option


May 2, 2023
2024 Toyota Tacoma will have a manual transmission option


In a teaser rollout beginning to rival that of the original Dodge Challenger Demon’s, we have the latest on the 2024 Toyota Tacoma. This week’s is a bit more substantial with the reveal that the manual transmission has survived to the newest generation. It’s a not a gear knob but rather a trio of pedals with either aluminum or stainless steel covers. Toyota did confirm that the transmission has six gears.

This is a genuine surprise for the truck and the segment. No other midsize pickup has a stick on offer. The Nissan Frontier and Chevy Colorado did a few years ago, though the latter only offered it with two-wheel-drive and the four-cylinder engine.

What engines the manual will be paired with is a big question with no answer yet. The sporty pedal caps shown in the image suggest that it won’t just be restricted to work-truck-spec models with the weakest engine and least features at least. But we know that the Tacoma will be offered with hybrid powertrains, and we can’t remember any hybrids with traditional manuals since the Honda CR-Z, which has us wondering if one or both of the current engines will be updated and carried over to use with the stick.

Another big question is when the truck will actually be revealed. Despite the multitude to teasers, we still don’t have a date. We’re certainly hoping its just a couple weeks away, because either the teasers will have to start getting more granular about features, or they’ll have basically revealed the truck before, well, the reveal.

But we do know it’s a 2024 model that will probably go on sale this year or early next year. It will have at least one hybrid powertrain, as previously mentioned. There will be both a TRD Pro model and something called a Trailhunter with fancy off-road parts from ARB. Also, there will be an available built-in removable Bluetooth speaker, which is neat, though not quite as consequential as powertrains and trim levels. We’re sure we’ll hear more about the new Tacoma next Tuesday, too, so stay tuned to the teaser trickle.

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