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Another Lexus TX teaser shows interior, tells reveal date


May 23, 2023
Another Lexus TX teaser shows interior, tells reveal date


Lexus has revealed a few more shots of its upcoming luxury SUV, the TX. They previously gave us a peek at the exterior design; this teaser provides two glimpses of the interior of the new three-row SUV.

The long-awaited TX, which will share an architecture with the Toyota Grand Highlander, will finally add a 7-seater unibody offering to the Lexus lineup. The teaser images show much to differentiate it from its platform-mate. Sumptuous leather seats of clean and minimalist design are a contrast to Grand Highlander’s cushions designed for abuse by toddler. The front buckets in particular look to be well bolstered, with a center console more elegant than the Grand Highlander’s tucked in between.

Another image reveals the passenger-side dash and front door panel, both of which blend well in graceful geometric lines that recall modern architecture. A speaker confirms a premium sound system branded by long-time Lexus collaborator Mark Levinson. The door pull appears to require your thumb to press forward to reveal the handle, which is otherwise flush against the armrest.

The Grand Highlander will split the difference between the regular Highlander and the Sequoia. We expect similar interior volumes from the TX, but we won’t know the full length until we see the full exterior.

Speaking of which, Lexus promises an unveiling of the TX on June 8. For many dealers, who have been dealing with the stretched RX L as a three-row stopgap for a few years now if customers don’t want to go full body-on-frame with the GX, that date can’t come fast enough.

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