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Apple CarPlay gains SharePlay tech at WWDC for seamless road trip music


Jun 5, 2023
Apple CarPlay gains SharePlay tech at WWDC for seamless road trip music


Apple’s 2023 WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) just wrapped up, and while most of the world is focused on the new $3,499 Vision Pro headset it just revealed, we’re focusing on the small bite of car news Apple fed us.

Per usual, the news concerns CarPlay, but unfortunately it wasn’t an update on the full-screen CarPlay takeover that was revealed last year. Instead, Apple revealed that it’s adding SharePlay functionality to CarPlay. 

What’s that mean? The goal is to make road trip music playlists and song selection way easier than before. Assuming you have CarPlay running with Apple Music as the media player, other people with iPhones in the car will be able to “join” your session and add songs to the queue — your iPhone should automatically push a notification to you if this option is available. This means you won’t need to pass a phone around the car to get everybody’s music selections and should hopefully mean a more seamless experience for all in the car.

Apple was a little stingy on the finer details, but we can see that the interface allows folks to play/pause, skip/rewind and reorder the queue of songs. Details about what music apps this will be available for in the future weren’t made readily available, but Apple demonstrated it with Apple Music, so we suspect that will be the only compatible app at launch. We’re also waiting on a release date for when the feature will go live, but keep an eye out for it if you’re an Apple Music user.

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