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Audi RS 6 Avant spy photos reveal an even hotter version


Jun 14, 2023
Audi RS 6 Avant spy photos reveal an even hotter version


Audi has already upgraded the RS 6 Avant with the Performance variant. But it seems the German automaker has an even more beastly wagon in the works. These spy photos show the wagon at the Nürburgring with some intriguing visual upgrades.

Starting up front, there’s lower, deeper front spoiler. Not far behind that spoiler, the front fenders look like they may be wider, though being on what seem to be Performance wheels, that may just be an illusion. An illusion caused by the fenders’ huge air extracting vents that dump just ahead of the front doors. 

The side skirts and rear fenders look relatively untouched, but the tail of this RS 6 has some more major changes. The first and foremost is the much larger rear spoiler, which is arguably crossing into wing territory. The RS signature oval tailpipes remain, but they’re housed in a reworked rear bumper. This one has diffuser strakes between the pipes, and the area immediately around the pipes look chunkier.

With much more significant exterior changes compared to the RS 6 Performance, this wagon is probably packing some even more impressive upgrades. Since the Performance is rated at 621 horsepower, we wouldn’t be surprised if this one is making at least 650 horsepower, if not more. It probably gets many of the goodies offered on the Performance as standard such as rear-wheel-steering, upgraded rear differential and carbon ceramic brakes. Some additional weight savings and other chassis upgrades are sure to show up, too. Possibly in the form of light materials for body panels like those new front fenders.

Since the RS 6 Avant has been in production for a little while now, and this prototype looks pretty close to production ready, we’re betting we’ll see it revealed within the year. Pricing will certainly be well above the roughly $120,000 of the current RS 6 Avant. We’re certainly looking forward to it.

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