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Bentley’s hosting a dog party — especially if your dog is named Bentley


May 1, 2023
Bentley's hosting a dog party — especially if your dog is named Bentley


The following story illustrates why there’ll always be an England:

At the veddy British road circuit/estate called Goodwood two hours south of London, ultimate British car company Bentley will host … well, two dog-day afternoons celebrating dogs and their owners and featuring special treats for dogs named … well, Bentley. 

The affair on May 20-21, described as “a grand celebration of all things dog,” is formally part of the annual “Goodwoof” festival. Owners of Bentleys (car or dog) will gain access to Bentley’s VIP area, and a fleet of Bentayga luxury 4x4s will provide “extra bark and growl to a range of activities that will give dogs and their human friends a wonderful weekend – or a great Dane out.” Oof.

So, all dogs are welcome, but it’s more fun if you chauffeur your dog named Bentley to the party in a Bentley. Both driver and pet will be granted access to the Bentley Barking Paddock, a car park just for them with easy access to “The Kennels,” the West Sussex estate’s central clubhouse. (Preferential parking alone may mean some dogs with other names will find themselves temporarily answering to “Bentley” that weekend.)

The dogs will compete in some dog-ish contests. Humans will watch field and trail demonstrations and hear talks from dog experts and celebrity owners. Bentleys (the cars) will somehow play a role in herding competitions. Of course, there’ll be “plenty of treats for those on both two and four legs,” the organizers say. On the first day, a celebratory “parade of poodles,” led by Goodwood’s the Duke of Richmond, will take center stage on the estate grounds. Also planned is a display of doghouse architecture named, um, Barkitecture. And a photo booth will be set up in a Bentayaga for “pup-arazzi” souvenir pictures.

Goodwoof benefits a British charity called Pets as Therapy.  There’s more info for planning a trip here.


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