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Best Car Seat Cushions of 2023


Feb 3, 2023
Best Car Seat Cushions of 2023


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Make your drive more comfortable, whether you’re commuting to work or on a road trip — these great car seat cushions offer unparalleled comfort. If you’ve ever been on a long car ride, you know exactly how important a comfortable car seat cushion can be. The cushion you sit on is going to be your companion on every drive, whether you’re the driver or a passenger. This idea in itself can be enough to make you wonder — are my car seats comfortable?

In many cases, the answer is unfortunately no. Normal car seats are generally hard and stiff, and they don’t take the shape of your body and allow you to sit with good posture. While this might work for short distances, these seats are not comfortable for long drives. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a good car seat cushion, and with hundreds of cushions out there, we’ve listed our favorite car seat cushions for you to try out yourself. 

Here are the top car seat cushions of 2023

kingphenix Car Seat Cushion: Our pick

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The memory foam used to design this kingphenix car seat cushion is well-suited for anybody who wants to experience real comfort while sitting in their car or office chair. The cushion provides great support to your posture and relieves pain in the lower back, and it also has silicone gel at the bottom that prevents it from slipping at any time. This foam car seat cushion is portable and multipurpose, as it can be used in your vehicle or with any chair you might sit in for long hours. Since it has a thickness of only 1.2 inches, you won’t feel a drastic change in seat height when you sit down after installing it.


  • Conforms to your body
  • Protection against dust, scratches, and more
  • Anti-slip design to stay in place


ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion: Another great option

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This ComfiLife car seat cushion comes equipped with a layer of cooling gel that helps to keep the cushion nice and cool. It’s ergonomically designed to provide comfort and relief from pain, and the shape of the cushion ensures that your posture is fully supported and there’s no pressure on your tailbone. This car seat cushion is usually recommended for people recovering from tailbone injuries, arthritis, spinal issues, herniated discs, and sciatica, but even if you don’t suffer from any of these ailments you can still reap the benefits of this orthopedic memory foam cushion. The removable cushion cover can be machine washed and dried, and with a thickness of 2.8 inches, it might even have a slight effect on the driver’s height.


  • The cooling gel keeps the cushion, well… cool
  • Provides pain relief and posture support
  • Shaped to suspend tailbone and avoid pressure


  • It may flatten after some use

Everlasting Comfort Car Seat Cushion: Also consider

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Another U-shaped car seat cushion, this one from Everlasting Comfort has been designed to avoid any pressure on your tailbone. Its premium foam contours to take the shape of your body once seated, and it retains its original shape after use. This sturdy car seat cushion will not flatten under heavy weight, and thanks to its 3-inch thickness it acts as a seat-raiser for improving driver visibility. This versatile seat cushion can be fitted into any seat you like, whether it’s a car, truck, office chair, wheelchair, or even a stadium seat. If you can sit in it, this seat cushion is sure to work wonders.


  • Provides support for chronic pain sufferers
  • Takes body shape once heated
  • 100% memory foam construction


  • Adds too much height for tall drivers

MYFAMIREA Car Seat Cushion: Another option

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This car seat cushion from MYFAMIREA has a three-tier structure with a non-slip rubber bottom, a comfortable memory foam middle, and a mesh top. The rubber keeps the cushion from skidding, while the foam molds to adapt to your body shape and provide comfort. Its mesh cover keeps the cushion breathable and soft, and it can also protect your car seat from dirt, debris, stains, scratches, and more. You can use this versatile cushion for a variety of chairs, from your car to your office, and since it only has a thickness of 1.18 inches it won’t lead to any drastic changes in height.


  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • 1.18” thickness provides elevation without raising the height
  • Four color options are available


Buyer’s guide to finding a car seat cushion

Your car seat cushion is a crucial part of your driving. The stronger, comfier, and more durable it is, the more value you can get out of it. To make things easy, we’ve provided you with a list of things to keep in mind when you’re buying a cushion for your car. Let’s get started. 

Why should you buy a car seat cushion?

Car seat cushions can make every drive much more comfortable and enjoyable. A large percentage of the population drives every day and for long hours. The seats originally installed in cars can be very uncomfortable for drivers, especially those suffering from back aches or sciatica. This is where a car seat cushion can come to the rescue. It provides a soft, impressionable base that slowly takes the shape of your body as you sit on it regularly. Before you know it, your upper and lower back will start feeling supported, and any pain will reduce substantially. 

Factors to consider when looking for a car seat cushion


Cushion material plays a crucial role in how comfortable and enjoyable your experience will be, and it also determines the durability of your seat. Memory foam cushions are the most widely used to provide comfort and support to people who drive or sit for long hours on end, and this is because memory foam is more breathable than other materials and molds to your body shape. Due to the benefits it provides, memory foam is also a bit more expensive than car seat cushions made of other materials. Apart from memory foam, you can find cushions in shredded foam, bamboo charcoal, and mesh covers. 


A car seat cover must provide constant and consistent support to your body. Anybody who suffers from pain, especially in the tailbone, lumbar areas, and lower back, can benefit from using a memory foam seat. Without this support, you could end up with serious pain in these areas. If you do not suffer from any of these conditions, you should still get a reliable cushion to avoid these issues in the future, especially if you find yourself sitting for long stretches of time. 


If your car seat cushion isn’t made of breathable material, it might start giving off a bad odor due to the sweat you release– especially in the summer. You should choose a material that can be air-dried to get rid of all odor, and the material’s breathability will allow it to take its normal shape when you’re not using it. 


Since there is no installation involved in using a car seat cushion, make sure to pick the right size to get the most out of it. One that’s too small for your seat might not provide you with proper comfort and support, while a cushion that’s too big might not be stable on a smaller seat and slip off during the drive. Both of these scenarios are not safe, so choose carefully. 


The thickness of car seat cushions varies from one model to another. If you want a slight height boost for a wide field of view, go for a cushion with a thickness of 2.8 or 3 inches. If you don’t need elevation, a seat cushion with 1.18 to 1.8 inches of thickness will be an ideal pick for you.

Which car seat cushion should I get?

Everybody has a different idea of comfort, so there can be different answers to which car seat cushion you should get. In our humble opinion, memory foam cushions are the most comfortable. They provide coccyx support and help maintain proper posture, and their design helps relieve symptoms of lower back pain, arthritis, sciatica, tailbone, hip, spine pain, and more. Memory foam cushions mold to your body structure and retain their original shape later on. 

Can a car seat cushion get heated?

Yes, car seat cushions can get heated. When the inside of your car warms up due to heat from outside, it inadvertently heats up the cushion as well. While some users enjoy a heated seat, some don’t. If you want a seat that remains cool irrespective of the temperature outside, you can buy a memory foam cushion with cooling gel inside it. 

How to clean your car seat cushion

Different seat cushions might require a different cleaning process. Some products have a removable and washable cover, allowing you to easily throw it in the washing machine, air dry it, and then put it back onto the cushion. If your cushion does not have a removable cover, you will find cleaning directions on the cushion itself. 

In either case, it’s not recommended to put the entire cushion into the machine for washing or drying, as the motion of a washing machine can completely ruin the foam’s structure. A simple rinse of the cover in water should be enough, but if the foam also needs to be cleaned you can use a handheld vacuum to remove any dust or debris that has penetrated the cover.

How much does a memory foam car seat cushion cost?

The price of car seat cushions really depends on the material they’re made from. Memory foam cushions are usually the most expensive, but they’re also the most durable and comfortable. You can find a high-quality memory foam cushion in the range of $29-$46.

Car Seat Cushion FAQs

Q: Does a car seat cushion improve posture?

Yes, car seat cushions can improve your posture and help reduce body aches, but not all cushions are designed to provide posture support. Memory foam is used to design orthopedic seat cushions that provide relief to people suffering from chronic pain. 

Q: Is a car seat cushion good for sciatica? 

Yes, a memory foam cushion with gel inside is perfect for sciatica and back pain. It’s ergonomically designed to provide support to your body and reduce the pressure on your tailbone, lumbar areas, discs, and backbone. 

Q: How do you install a car seat cushion?

We have some exciting news– there’s no installation involved. You can simply place the cushion on your seat and use it immediately. The silicone or rubber bottom provides resistance and doesn’t let the cushion slide, and some cushions might also have a safety strap to help keep them in place. 

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