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BMW open up to making a hydrogen-electrical, New Class-primarily based product


Feb 27, 2023
BMW open to making a hydrogen-electric, New Class-based model


BMW is presently developing an architecture termed New Course that will underpin a new variety of EVs beginning in 2025. Though the system is just not being built with interior combustion in mind, Autoblog discovered that the German organization has not ruled out creating it suitable with hydrogen.

“We are working on staying on able to combine hydrogen [into the New Class platform]. Not as of 2025, and in all probability only in the larger sized cars and trucks. We have not finished [the project] nonetheless but it truly is a chance,” Jürgen Guldner, the hydrogen program’s common supervisor, informed me.

Commencing with a blank slate provides BMW the possibility to long run-proof the New Course system — it is really much much easier and a complete ton to cheaper to style the architecture with hydrogen in mind from the get-go, even if this choice is by no means employed, than to modify it to get a hydrogen-driven drivetrain soon after it really is been in creation for a couple of many years. Guldner extra that his crew is wanting at a clever packaging resolution.

“The tank system [in the iX5] is really big, and it really is found right in the middle of the car. The plan is to have smaller tanks positioned future to each other that just take up the space of an EV’s battery pack. Scaled-down tanks, even now cylindrical, but much more of them, and then we’re adaptable. The relaxation of the infrastructure is already in the car — the motor, for illustration. We haven’t definitely decided but, but the possibility is there,” Guldner additional.

Irrespective of whether or not a hydrogen-electrical, New Course-based model reaches creation, Guldner has significant hopes for the technological innovation.

“It is the most fascinating task that I’ve labored on in my 25 several years at BMW, and I have done some cool things,” he states with a smile.

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