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Check out King Charles III’s $17.6 million car collection


May 5, 2023
Check out King Charles III's $17.6 million car collection


King Charles III’s coronation will take place in England on May 6, and being crowned a monarch comes with a long list of perks with four wheels. He will gain full access to the Royal Family’s fleet of cars, which is valued at about £14 million (approximately $17.6 million).

The two most expensive cars in the collection are nearly identical: they’re a pair of Bentley State Limousine models (pictured) built for Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III’s mother, in 2002. Only two units were made, and they’re both part of the Royal Family’s fleet, so they’re difficult to put a value on; it’s not like one is going to end up listed on your favorite auction site anytime soon. British company Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, which compiled the list, estimates that each armored, 245-inch long sedan is worth at least £10,000,000 (roughly $12.6 million).

Dropping below the eight-digit threshold, the second-most-valuable car in the Royal Family’s fleet isn’t really a car. It’s the Gold State Coach, which Matchbox recently released a 1/64-scale replica of, and its value is estimated at £1.6 million (about $2 million). At 275 inches long it’s even bigger than the Bentley limousine and it weighs about 9,000 pounds. It’s 261 years old and designed to be pulled by eight horses.

The rest of the Royal Family’s vehicles are relatively mundane. There’s a 1965 Aston Martin DB6 Volante that Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Phillip, bought for King Charles III on his 21st birthday. It’s worth £1 million (about $1.2 million). The collection also includes a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI (about $627,000), a Bentley Bentayga (about $201,000), a Land Rover Range Rover long-wheelbase Landaulet ($133,000), a Jaguar XE (about $41,000), and a Land Rover Defender ($38,000).

“Luxury cars have long been associated with the monarch and King Charles III, in particular, is known for his fondness of motor vehicles. His impressive collection features sentimental value with motors passed down from his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to cars bought for him by his parents,” explained Keith Hawes, the director of Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, in an interview with CBS News.

Being at the head of a car-making nation’s royal family also comes with drawbacks: Every vehicle in King Charles III’s fleet is British. He seemingly likes cars, and there are a great deal of desirable cars not built in the United Kingdom, but he’d start his reign on the wrong foot if he rolled up to his coronation in a BMW M5 CS. At least the list of new and old cars with a “made in England” label is unusually diverse.


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