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Chrysler reportedly showed its dealers an electric 300 replacement


Apr 25, 2023
Chrysler reportedly showed its dealers an electric 300 replacement


The Chrysler 300 is nearly ready to retire after almost 13 years in production. Details about its successor haven’t been released, but a recent report claims that the Stellantis-owned brand privately showed some of its dealers an electric model that will take the sedan’s torch.

Citing anonymous dealer sources, enthusiast website Mopar Insiders wrote that the yet-unnamed model takes the form of a sedan with a fastback-like roof line. Some attendees drew a parallel between the EV and the prototype shown in renderings (pictured) in 2021; others pointed out its proportions and size are reminiscent of the Dodge Charger Daytona concept, which will reach production in the coming years.

Nothing is official, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the Charger Daytona spawns a Chrysler; the current-generation Charger shares its basic platform with the 300, after all, and building several vehicles on the same platform is a way for carmakers to reap economies of scale. One point worth noting is that Dodge executives have confirmed the architecture that will underpin the next Charger is compatible with the straight-six engine found in several Stellantis products. If it fits in the Dodge, it’s reasonable to assume it fits in the Chrysler.

Dodge hasn’t announced plans to offer the Charger with the straight-six engine and neither has Chrysler; executives haven’t revealed what comes after the 300, though company CEO Christine Fuell told Autoblog that there are “quite a bit of new products in our roadmap.”

The rumor echoes an earlier report that details an alleged 300 successor due out in 2026 with battery power, between 201 and 443 horsepower depending on the variant, and an 800-volt electrical architecture for faster charging. This hasn’t been confirmed, however. As of writing, the only upcoming model that Chrysler has announced is a production version of the Airflow Vision we first saw as a very futuristic concept at CES 2020, as a more realistic design study at CES 2022, and with a black finish at the 2022 New York Auto Show.

Regardless of whether the 300 gets replaced and what replaces it, at least Chrysler seemingly has a future — it was skating on perilously thin ice when Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and PSA Peugeot-Citroën merged to form Stellantis in 2021. Greg Migliore, Autoblog‘s editor-in-chief, argued in favor of keeping the brand alive, and dealers pleaded that letting the 97-year-old carmaker die wasn’t an option.

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