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Cute pup takes a 25-mile ride in a car’s engine bay


Apr 25, 2023
Cute pup takes a 25-mile ride in a car's engine bay


Dogs generally don’t crawl into a car’s engine bay to warm up — usually that spot is reserved for cats (or a bobcat). But don’t tell that to BonBon.

The 4-month-old Pomeranian Shitzu puppy hitched a ride under the hood of a car driven by Ashley Newman, a colleague of Kansas City Royals sports reporter Carrie Lippert Gillaspie. As Gillaspie pulled into the stadium parking lot next to Newman’s car, she heard whimpering. She circled the car, homing in on the source.

“There was no dog under the car, but I could still hear the whimpering and I’m like, it’s coming from inside this car,” Gillaspie told Inside Edition. A check under the hood of the VW revealed BobBon, where she’d hidden during Newman’s 25-mile commute. The poor thing looks pretty terrified in the video above.

“She was dehydrated, she was so exhausted. She drank a whole bowl of water and then she just kind of fell over,” Gillaspie says. Then the dog perked up and was reunited with her owner. Happy ending.

Last week’s animal-vs-car adventure involved the freeing of a bobcat who got stuck behind a grille. He was retrieved by game wardens in Wisconsin and released uninjured — though pretty angry. And he was nowhere near as cute as BonBon.




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