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Dodge Demon 170 disclosed: 1,025 horsepower and packing a parachute


Mar 21, 2023
Dodge Demon 170 revealed: 1,025 horsepower and packing a parachute


A lot of of the absolute ideal vehicles on the world were born from passionate teams of people. People today ready to put in further get the job done to make anything really specific. And which is just how the Dodge Challenger Demon 170 arrived about. As Tim Kuniskis, the head of Dodge, stated, the Demon 170 was a fairly magic formula side job that really received its commence in the parking large amount of the SRT setting up. The pandemic was in whole power, so it was the safest way to get men and women jointly to speak about the system. About 40 people arrived, all to likely be recruited for this challenge, which was likely to be added perform on best of current assignments. But it was to make the best Dodge Challenger. When it was time to opt in or out, each and every solitary human being hopped on board. And a couple of yrs later on, they’ve made the motor vehicle you see here, a Challenger that can make 1,025 horsepower and 945 pound-feet of torque.

Sure, it is really a four-figure Challenger, at the very least when it is operating on E85 ethanol. And which is in which it receives its 170 designation — that is the proof amount for E85’s ethanol written content. Which is not to say it is gradual when jogging on pump fuel. Run it on premium (91 or 93 octane), and it can make 900 horsepower and 810 pound-feet of torque, which is nevertheless extra than the initial Challenger Demon. 

To strike these figures, Dodge actually broke some eggs (engines) to make the Demon 170 omelet. The tales about blown check engines ended up not a publicity stunt, they definitely have been breaking engines making an attempt to strike their focus on quantities, and that led to far more and a lot more and more of the Demon powertrain getting replaced and upgraded. With the engine by itself, it has a new 3.-liter supercharger and pulley, a new throttle entire body, even larger fuel injectors, stronger cylinder head studs, new pistons, rods, crank bearings, fluid damper and billet principal caps. The transmission has a new transmission brake, the driveshaft is much better, the differential is more robust (by 50%), and the rear halfshafts and CV joints are new.

The suspension has been retuned, also, particularly to handle the new, standard Mickey Thompson ET Road R avenue legal drag tires produced just for the Demon 170. They’re the exact 315-mm width at the rear, but are so smooth and sticky, that Dodge stiffened up the suspension so that less of the energy from the engine was missing just shifting bodyweight up and back for traction. But really don’t get worried, the Demon 170 can continue to pull the front wheels off the pavement with a excellent start.

Dodge isn’t including a established of skinny wheels for the entrance, opting alternatively for 245-mm vast front tires. Dodge did take out the front huge fenders to preserve a bit of a fat. And speaking of pounds reduction, Dodge will be offering optional two-piece wheels with aluminum facilities and carbon fiber rims for ultra-reduced unsprung and rotational excess weight — they lose about 32 pounds versus the conventional wheels. In addition, the Demon 170 has two-piece slotted brake rotors with Brembo four-piston calipers at the front, and a person-piece slotted rotors at the back, once more with Brembo four-piston calipers. And whilst it truly is not functionality associated, the Demon 170 receives exclusive badging all all around, as well as a nifty “Alcohol Injected” word mark in advance of the hood scoop.

There are a pair trick capabilities to make it less complicated to operate and start the Demon 170, too. It isn’t going to involve a individual European to be installed to unlock all the power. In addition, there are sensors and automatic laptop changes to make guaranteed that if you get a tank of ethanol with very low ethanol content material, the car or truck will alter settings to make certain it isn’t going to blow up. Additionally, there is a torque limiter that can be manually adjusted. The rationale for this is if you’re racing on a surface area that just isn’t really ideal, you can limit torque early on for improved launches with the lowered traction.

But what do all these energy and traction updates imply for genuine functionality? Nicely, Dodge says that on a prepped area with rollout, the Demon 170 will get to 60 mph in 1.66 seconds. And evidently that selection has been qualified by the NHRA, together with its quarter-mile time of 8.9 seconds at 151 mph. That speed implies that not only does the Demon 170 have to have a roll bar to participate in NHRA-sanctioned gatherings, it wants a drag parachute. Now, you can get all over this by easing off right before the lights to maintain from breaking into individuals occasions, or likely to activities that are not NHRA-sanctioned or undertaking timing. Of program, you also have to be excellent enough to get those people occasions. Also, good basic safety tools is constantly worthwhile, and Dodge will be marketing drag chutes by the Direct Connection retailer, as nicely as other Demon 170 factors, which we are going to get to in a minute.

Yet another factor value noting is that the tires outfitted are only great to all over that 150 mph mark. So if you happen to be seeking to attempt standing-mile top rated pace operates, you should get a established of tires with higher velocity scores. And since they are drag radials at all four corners, you can expect to want a different set of tires for track driving that involves corners. 

Creation of the Demon 170 begins in July, and they are going to develop them appropriate up to the finish of Challenger and Charger production on Dec. 31. No established quantity has been presented for the product. They are going to establish as numerous as the offer chain can present and as several as can be marketed. The maximum that will be created will be 3,300, but that’s assuming every thing goes absolutely efficiently. Spot expenses were not offered, but the MSRP is $96,666 (due to the fact of study course it is), and Dodge claims allocations to sellers marketing at MSRP will get priority scheduling. Present-day Demon proprietors will have the option to purchase a person with a matching VIN to their present automobile if they are interested. And while it doesn’t occur with a crate of go-fast areas like the outdated Demon, the 170 will come with a reward box with a decanter and stainless steel shot eyeglasses.

Now obviously, not everyone will be capable to get the Demon 170, but current Challengers can nevertheless benefit from the improvement of the auto. A lot of of the elements will be offered as updates by way of Direct Relationship, this sort of as the throttle system and rear differential. You may not be able to properly re-produce a Demon 170, but you can get a little bit of it in your regular Challengers.

To not only generate the most monstrous Challenger of them all, but also to be able to share some of people sections with latest Challenger homeowners and enthusiasts appears like a fairly fantastic way to cap off the design.


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