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Dodge informs us ‘Density Matters’ in new ‘Last Call’ teaser


Mar 7, 2023
Dodge informs us 'Density Matters' in new 'Last Call' teaser


The final spot we envisioned to discover tiny inexperienced gentlemen is in the teaser marketing campaign for Dodge’s Previous Phone series. And certainly, we imply “adult men” plural, because here we again seeking to parse a cryptic teaser with two leprechauns. The past teaser showed a minor leprechaun attaining fluids from an IV dispensing a gold liquid. We will guess that liquid is ethanol, and it turned the very little person into GigaChad — or would that be GigaChaun in this situation? The new teaser, termed “Density Matters,” places the minimal man on 1 side of a stability scale and GigaChaun on the other. Notice the IronMan-like arc reactor in the heavyweight’s chest, glowing yellow.

When the weigh-in will get going, the tiny man starts off on the base with the scale at zero. A change will get flipped, there is the whine of what could be a supercharger, and Gigachaun’s eyes glow yellow as what ever his superpower is usually takes more than. The denouement will come quick, the large man coming in at 7.1 kilos increased than his alter ego.

But 7.1 pounds of what form of density is the dilemma. It are not able to be car or truck ability density the 5,450-pound, 797-horsepower 2023 Challenger SRT Tremendous Inventory registers .148 horsepower per pound, and the only place you’d see a 39,500-hp Dodge would be in house if Chrysler nevertheless experienced an aerospace office, but Chrysler does not. Evaluating the electrical power density of a variety of grades of ethanol to a person one more and to gasoline would not yield a quantity that makes sense in this context, either.

Some have intended the Hellcat’s supercharger could be the remedy, the 2.7-liter device generating 14.5 psi of increase to develop those 807 horses. But that points to an absurd selection as properly. We’ve heard Dodge did not want to action on the 1,000 Hellephant crate engine’s toes with this Final Simply call design. That crate motor breathes by way of a 3.-liter supercharger maxing out at 15 psi of enhance. As a search at any supercharger comparison chart reveals, the math deciding output is dependent on quite a few factors. It’s achievable, although, that cranking the 2.7-liter screw up to 21.2 psi of improve wouldn’t simply crimp the Hellephant’s toes, it would shoot the pachyderm in the head, roast its trunk for evening meal and offer its tusks on the open sector. And in fact, that would make clear the blown prototype engines. 

But we will not know. So in addition to the name of the product, we have got a further thriller about what it can do. We might get an solution when the subsequent teaser comes on March 9. If not then, the reveal goes down at the Dodge Final Get in touch with Driven by Roadkill Evenings Vegas celebration at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 20.

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