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Dodge screams at 215 mph in newest ‘Last Call’ teaser


Mar 10, 2023
Dodge screams at 215 mph in latest 'Last Call' teaser


The teaser campaign for Dodge’s remaining “Previous Connect with” model is in complete swing. The latest video is just as puzzling as the previous installments in the collection, but it stars a familiar character and it offers a handful of figures that could trace at what’s less than the upcoming car’s hood.

Named “Scream @ 215 mph,” the 19-next online video shows the very same evil-seeking leprechaun that came to lifestyle in the episode published on February 22, 2023. He would not scream, and he does not appear to be going 215 mph. Alternatively, his eyes are brilliant yellow as he actions toward a tiny hand-held module with a enthusiast and 6 buttons. Anyone off-camera enters “105@(3.02×2.98)” just before the leprechaun blows on to the lover and the number “1582” appears. Puzzled? So am I, but Dodge has an illustrious observe record of releasing strange teaser films.

To start with, the numbers. Multiplying 3.02 by 2.98 offers us 8.99, which does not carry us significantly closer to fixing this puzzle. Could that be the car’s quarter-mile time? It really is not not possible, but this car would require some serious muscle mass to operate an 8.99-second quarter-mile. In comparison, the 840-horsepower Challenger Demon ran a 9.65-2nd quarter-mile. My colleague John Snyder floated an intriguing speculation: how about an 8.99-2nd quarter-mile time when burning 105-octane gasoline? Following all, the Demon was able of functioning on 100-plus-octane gas.

We don’t feel both figure corresponds to the car’s -60 time. And, as much as we’d like to say that “1582” corresponds to horsepower, which is unlikely. Snyder guessed that is airflow at cubic-toes for each moment, though Byron Hurd speculated it could possibly be the car’s complete boost 1,582 millibars signifies close to 22.9 pound-pressure for every square inch. Just one point that is seemingly specific is that the engine will count on compelled induction — that’s very likely why the leprechaun is blowing on the minor enthusiast, and it supports each aforementioned guesses.

Dodge will unveil the closing “Very last Contact” product in Las Vegas on March 20. Assume to see further perplexing teasers in the meantime.

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