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Entry-level Kia EV6 Light returns for 2023 but with a catch


May 30, 2023
Entry-level Kia EV6 Light returns for 2023 but with a catch


Kia dropped the entry-level EV6 Light for 2023 at the same time as it raised EV6 MSRPs $1,000 across the board. The EV6 Light came with a 58-kWh battery, an electric motor making 167 horsepower sent to the rear wheels good for 232 miles of range. The lineup revamp took the base price for the popular battery-electric crossover from $42,695 to $49,795, the additional money buying the EV6 Wind. The Wind packed a 77.4-kWh battery, a 225-hp motor, and 310 miles of range. Back then, Kia told Cars Direct the more expensive entry trim gave buyers “greater range and sought-after standard features.” Since then, legacy makers like Volkswagen and new makers like VinFast have offered less expensive trims with less range, and a price war recently broke out that’s still got product planners playing with their abaci.

So it wasn’t outrageous to hear that Cars Direct got hold of a Kia dealer bulletin this month suggesting the EV6 Light would return to the fold for the 2023 model year. Kia eventually confirmed the news, telling the outlet, “Kia is following the market and other EVs sellers such as VW are offering shorter range models in relatively limited volume. Kia is doing the same in the Western Region only. Customers who don’t require the longer range appreciate the value.”

The trim hasn’t made it to Kia’s retail site, but it’s already on sale at dealers limited to the west region. Available markets are Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada Oregon, Utah, and Washington.    

The resurrected Light trim will cost $43,295, a $1,230 increase over its MSRP when retired. The specs haven’t changed, the 58-kWh pack and 167-hp motor conspiring to provide a rear-driven 232 miles on a charge. Now that the EV6 Wind base price is up to $50,025, there’s a $6,730 difference between the Light and Wind, down from the $7,100 of before. That delta could more than double if Kia applies its $7,500 lease incentive on the EV6 to the Light. Now that there’s a trim below $45,000 again, it’s possible California buyers could also get the state’s $2,000 Clean Vehicle Rebate. Tesla’s latest pricing puts the 2023 EV6 Light $1,665 above a base Tesla Model 3, the Tesla rated at 272 miles of range and eligible for a $3,750 federal tax credit. The Kia is $3,005 above the entry-level Volkswagen ID.4, the VW good for 209 miles on a charge and eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax credit.

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