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Ford remembers Bronco Wildtrak, Raptor for steering wheel lock-up


Mar 17, 2023
Ford recalls Bronco Wildtrak, Raptor for steering wheel lock-up


Ford’s new Bronco is the topic of nevertheless another recall. This time close to, the impacted population is alternatively little — even relative to the amount of Broncos Ford has been in a position to supply so much. Just 343 examples will have to stop by the vendor, all of them 2022 and 2023 Wildtrak and Raptor versions. Ford traced the dilemma to a steering equipment assembly software that was improperly modified and destroyed some ball nut retainers throughout the generation process. The damage can induce interference in the steering equipment operation, and binding forces can induce the steering to lock up fully. 

“A broken steering equipment ball nut retainer can permit balls in the ball nut assembly to displace and wedge,” Ford’s defect report to NHTSA claimed. “Ongoing steering wheel motion can even more wedge the balls and displace the retainer, ensuing in elevated steering effort and hard work. Ought to this continue on and the balls do not transition again into the return guides, the ball nut could not be in a position to rotate. As a consequence, the driver may possibly not be equipped to rotate the steering wheel although driving, rising the possibility of a crash.”

If your Bronco’s steering commences to grind, bind or if not act up when you are in motion, probabilities are you’re impacted by this issue. Ford states the problem was first uncovered throughout a guarantee assert early in March of 2023 and the company’s supplier was in a position to trace the difficulty to two separate batches made in July, 2022 and February, 2023. No other vehicles should be impacted. Ford will mail notices to homeowners starting off this thirty day period. 

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