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GMC and EarthCruiser to collaborate on Hummer EV Pickup overlander challenge


Mar 30, 2023
GMC and EarthCruiser to collaborate on Hummer EV Pickup overlander project


GMC just announced a collaboration with overlanding vehicle builder EarthCruiser, and the end result is likely to provide us with a co-made Hummer EV Pickup. The photo you are hunting at higher than is the 1st teaser for what’s to appear of the partnership.

The Hummer team will be operating with EarthCruiser’s analysis and structure division to create an overland upfit alternative for EVs that it claims will in the beginning be built-in into the Hummer EV Pickup. In situation you weren’t acquainted with EarthCruiser, they are the folks that have manufactured utterly wild overlanding vehicles like the Terranova, Fx and EXP. Needless to say, EarthCruiser can make some really rad things, and none of it is low cost.

GMC says this collaboration will appear to use EarthCruiser’s abilities acquired from establishing its motor vehicles to develop an overlanding answer for the Hummer. We should expect to see EarthCruiser’s engineering technologies integrated into the automobile, which will allow for the Hummer to go even further off-highway and give the capability for owners to reside with their trucks in the wilderness. 

The a person snag with overlanding in EVs is the commonly extensive journeys away from civilization. As an instance, the EarthCruiser XP and EXP aspect 60-gallon fuel tanks to guarantee you can get to exactly where you have to have to go and ability the living circumstance for a long time the moment you are there. We’ll be interested to listen to what GMC and EarthCruiser have to say about the troubles presented by overlanding in an EV. Now noticeable in the teaser image is what appears to be like like a photo voltaic panel-crammed roof and rear aspect pods for materials.

The principle truck will be introduced in late summertime 2023, and while no day for a creation motor vehicle was delivered, it is possible that the final truck will arrive shortly just after.

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