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Hottest Dodge ‘Last Call’ teaser options a leprechaun


Feb 22, 2023
Latest Dodge 'Last Call' teaser features a leprechaun


As we around the final Dodge Challenger and Charger “Last Get in touch with” models’ reveal, the carmaker has place out a different teaser. And it is really about as weird as that original 1 with a seriously creepy deal with. And if you read the headline, you know the major rationale: There’s a leprechaun in it.

If you check out the trailer, it opens on a dark place whole of gears, and an IV hanging in the center filled with a gold liquid. The leprechaun in dilemma displays up and hooks it up. And to continue to keep the automotive concept, he’s sporting a tire tread vest more than his environmentally friendly duds. On turning on the IV, he goes by way of a Jekyll-and-Hyde-model transformation (for this reason the “Runnin’ Hyde” title) into a tall, brawny version of himself, and of training course with pink eyes. And which is wherever it ends.

So… what does it all indicate? That’s open up to speculation, and we are not previously mentioned that when suitable. The leprechaun is a bit baffling to us, but it could just be riffing on the actuality that the auto will be revealed on March 20, in shut proximity to St. Patrick’s Day.

The gold liquid is interesting. It could be referring to operating higher-octane gasoline to accomplish significantly higher horsepower numbers. That would match reviews of a 909-horsepower ethanol-driven Challenger from previous calendar year. It could also be hinting at the theme of the car. Perhaps it’s all centered all over gold, one thing fascinating, like the last of the line. And when leprechauns are involved, gold is discovered at the finish of the rainbow, or the finish of creation.

We will with any luck , get some far more clues when the up coming teaser drops on March 1. And the car will be shown on March 20 at a Roadkill Nights function in Las Vegas.

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