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Hyundai exec wants a production N Vision 74


Feb 26, 2023
Hyundai exec wants a production N Vision 74


Few vehicles in recent memory have melted the world wide web like the Hyundai N Vision 74. The wild hydrogen-run 2-door was encouraged by the 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe strategy, which never saw creation due to absence of market acceptance and complex limits. If it experienced, it would’ve been Hyundai’s very first sporting activities motor vehicle.

Quick ahead fifty a long time and Hyundai is a world player that really a great deal has the identify recognition and means to pull off a sporting activities car or truck. When its Kia and Genesis subsidiaries are integrated, It really is at this time obtained some of the ideal patterns on the industry as effectively. The N Eyesight 74, even though totally various in concept, is proper up there with them, offering off the vibe of a cyberpunk tremendous silhouette racer. (Give it to us now, please. -Autoblog Personnel)

No matter whether Hyundai has the guts to actually develop a automobile like the N Eyesight 74 continues to be to be witnessed, but there are stirrings toward the “indeed” column. At the Canadian Worldwide Automobile Clearly show Till Wartenberg, Hyundai’s VP of N Brand management and Motorsport, informed The Autopian, “My personalized would like is to deliver this vehicle. It’s at to start with in all probability an financial investment, but if we could see this vehicle seriously out there and people obtaining it, I would be very happy.”

This assertion was preceded by Wartenberg inquiring, “What would you spend for an N Eyesight 74 if it was produced?” While much from official, it is a line of questioning execs and solution planners will sometimes go down with journalists as a very first step in choosing whether or not production is value discovering. There are still millions of additional techniques in the journey to a road car, but at least the remedy is not an emphatic no. If it was, there’d be no have to have to inquire in the initially position. 

Hyundai describes the N Vision 74 as getting an output of much more than 670 horsepower and additional than 664 pound-toes of torque. It has a 62.4-kWh battery pack, and a 4.2-kg hydrogen fuel tank with an 85-kW fuel-cell stack for making energy. On the other hand, we imagine powertrain is not the key promoting stage for a car or truck like the N Vision 74, as very long as the effectiveness is there. It can be additional about the radness of its Blade Runner-esque wedge.

So, what would you pay back for an N Vision 74 if it was developed?

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