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Hyundai Mobis reveals roll-up display for cars


Apr 21, 2023
Hyundai Mobis reveals roll-up display for cars


Right alongside foldable displays found in smart phones are rollable displays. A number of companies have been experimenting with them, but Hyundai Mobis, a technology division of the automaker, claims to have the first design specifically for automotive use. And it intends to put the screen into production, maybe even for companies besides Hyundai Motor Group.

The screen is a touchscreen and seemingly an OLED based on wording in the press release. The demonstration unit is meant for use in the dashboard with multiple modes. It can retract fully for a clean look with the car shut off. At one-third height, it can show just basic driving functions such as instruments and HVAC or stereo controls. At two-thirds height, it brings up navigation on a larger display. Full height is a 16:9 widescreen format for viewing entertainment, and it’s locked out unless the car is in park. The idea being that it can be used for fun while sitting waiting for a charge, or any other reason you might just be parked for a while.

Hyundai Mobis rollable screen

But that’s not the only application Mobis envisions. While the screen size can be 30 inches diagonal or more, Hyundai says that the screen only requires 4.7 inches of depth for installation. And while that’s useful for fitting into a tightly packed dashboard, it’s also great for fitting enormous screens into the rear of the vehicle, such as the roof. Though Mobis suggests even other locations such as next to seats. And the retractability would be particularly handy in the rear where one might want the screen to go away for better outward visibility.

As an OLED, it should have excellent contrast and image response. Mobis says the screen can be had in QHD (1440p minimum) or more. 

No vehicles have been confirmed to be getting the Mobis display just yet, but the company plans on that changing in the near future. The company says it plans to offer the screen technology to all kinds of automakers, but is targeting luxury makes and models, and vehicles for the North American and European markets.


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