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Hyundai partners with AAA to offer insurance coverage for oft-stolen cars


Apr 18, 2023
Hyundai partners with AAA to offer insurance coverage for oft-stolen cars


Hyundai’s taken the next step in damage control over the epidemic of Hyundai Group cars being stolen. A TikTok video demonstrated how to steal Hyundais and Kias that need a key to start and were built without immobilizers. That video turned into so many cars being swiped nationwide that some state attorneys general are drawing up cases against the automaker and some insurers have refused to cover owners of affected models. So Hyundai has partnered with the Automobile Association of America (AAA) to provide coverage to owners of at-risk vehicles.

Plans can be purchased in 47 states (with Alaska, Massachusetts, and Washington excluded because AAA’s independent franchises don’t sell there).

We’re not sure why Hyundai needed to partner with an insurer to make this happen, not that it matters so long as drivers of the nearly 4 million models concerned can get affordable coverage and continue driving. To check rates, head to AAA’s insurance quote page. If you own an affected vehicle, feel free to report your findings about pricing in the comments.   

The automaker’s built a dedicated site at HyundaiTheft.com with this information and more. The anti-theft software that adds control module logic to hinder thefts has been rolled out two months ahead of schedule, the install requiring a trip to the dealer and an hour’s wait. So long as drivers lock and unlock their vehicles with the key fob, the software activates a factory alarm and ignition kill command. After the install, dealers will place stickers on the windows to let the curious know the vehicle has an anti-theft system. 

A small number of cars won’t be able to accept the software, though. For owners of those vehicles, Hyundai says it will reimburse the purchase of a steering wheel lock and offset the cost of a more thorough solution like an alarm kit.

To see if your vehicle is on the software register, or schedule a dealer appointment, or inquire about alarm reimbursements, head to the Hyundai theft site. There’s a Kia site with a similar URL, but it was created by the World Kia Joliet dealership in Joliet, Illinois, and is not a manufacturer effort.

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