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Junkyard Gem: 1998 Toyota Camry CE with 5-Velocity Handbook Transmission


Mar 24, 2023
Junkyard Gem: 1998 Toyota Camry CE with 5-Speed Manual Transmission


The final product 12 months in which automobile shoppers in the United States could get a new Toyota Camry with a manual transmission was 2011, but 3-pedal Camrys turned really rare here in the early 1990s and virtually (but not solely) nonexistent by the end of that 10 years. In the course of my junkyard travels, I’m generally on the lookout for clutch-geared up Camrys I managed to locate a 2006 product with a 5-on-the-floor previous yr, but that was an oddball special-purchase automobile with the semi-upscale LE trim stage, unusually outfitted with both a guide transmission and power seats. Present-day Junkyard Gem is a Camry that (probably) lacks the common computerized due to the fact the unique proprietor insisted on pinching pennies.

Relevant: Toyota Camry is currently being discontinued in its household country, Japan

The Camry to start with hit American showrooms in the spring of 1983, as the substitution for the rear-wheel-travel Corona (which was accessible here from the 1966 by way of 1982 product many years). Lots of those 1st-era 1983-1986 Camrys experienced five-pace manuals, partly mainly because manuals acquired substantially better gasoline economy than automatics in those people times but typically because the out-the-door rate was substantially decreased on the a few-pedal version. How much decrease? In 1985, an automated transmission included $800 to the charge of an $8,948 Camry sedan, introducing the 2023 equivalent of about $2,428 to the price tag. That’s uncomfortably shut to a 10% selling price raise around the base price of a car or truck, just to avoid shifting for by yourself!

Speedy-forward to 1998, and the value of the most economical Camry (the CE) with an automatic enhanced that car’s price tag from $16,938 to $17,738 ($31,109 to $32,578 now) the price of the slushbox was however 800 bucks, but it truly is a great deal less expensive in inflation-altered dollars ($1,469 currently) and would not signify as scary a selling price hike. On major of that, Americans’ adore for two-pedal autos experienced grow to be stronger in between the middle 1980s and late 1990s.

Most Camry CEs (which stands for “Typical Edition,” not “Low-cost Version”) went to fleet customers, but there’s tiny chance of a governing administration company or rental-motor vehicle corporation getting cars with transmissions that an at any time-shrinking minority of motorists are able of running.

The seat fabric is tricky fabric, reminiscent of the all-weather carpeting made use of in airport jetways.

The previous time People in america could purchase a new Camry with V6 and manual transmission was early in the 2001 product calendar year, so this car or truck has a four-cylinder with 133 horsepower.

We can see it has air conditioning, a staggering $1,005 cost on the ’98 CE. There goes the personal savings from the manual transmission!

The motor vehicle is in this spot since it acquired into a awful ideal-entrance effects. The suspension seems great, but all that overall body hurt in addition popped airbags lowered its presently small resale price to the well worth of its scrap metallic.

People in america attempt to be initially, so they buy the #1 providing auto.

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