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Junkyard Gem: 2006 Mazda5 with a handbook transmission


Feb 5, 2023
Junkyard Gem: 2006 Mazda5 with a manual transmission


A single factor I always search for throughout my junkyard expeditions is a handbook transmission in an unforeseen vehicle. Say, a Mercury Mystique or a V6 Camry with a few pedals. In the early times of the minivan increase, some Dodge Caravans and Plymouth Voyagers with guide transmissions ended up marketed (not to mention Toyota Vans and even Previas), but the Forces of Slushboxification primarily conquered the American-current market minivan entire world by the end of the 20th century. Then Mazda resolved it built sense to make an Americanized model of the Premacy to offer above here, and that this minivan would have a 5-speed manual transmission (and, a little bit later on, a six-velocity handbook) as foundation tools. This was the Mazda5, and a few of them essentially designed it out of American Mazda showrooms without the need of automatics. Here’s one of people incredibly unusual vans, uncovered in a Denver-location self-assistance vehicle graveyard.

This Mazda5 was based on the to start with-era Mazda3 (and consequently is a system cousin of the to start with-era Ford Concentrate), and fairly a couple of Us citizens bought these cars and trucks with the idea of shifting for on their own.

A number of decades ago, I decided I preferred to invest in a 5 with a manual transmission. This proved virtually extremely hard, partly due to the fact they are exceptionally uncommon and partly because searching for a single online is maddening (lots of motor vehicle salesmen and private sellers consider that an computerized with a + /- upcoming to the shifter is the exact same factor as a handbook transmission, so filtering for transmission sort is ineffective with these equipment). As it labored out, I purchased a little Japanese van with dual sliding doorways and a CVT … and the steering wheel on the appropriate facet.

American minivan drivers have sufficient to do although driving that they never want to include the pressure of selecting gears to the load, apparently.

The Mazda5 experienced area for six, and the sliding doors on equally sides proved incredibly valuable when executing minivan-type points. On paper, it must have marketed very effectively here, but via two generations, its finest calendar year was 2008 and only about 22,000 bought. In 2015, Mazda killed the it in the United States (even though Canadian gross sales ongoing for a pair additional yrs).

The challenge was that it was very smaller by US-marketplace minivan standards with considerably less inside space. Moreover, with the captain’s chairs pictured previously mentioned, it could only seat 6 individuals.

There was also the difficulty that most American family members this century want to drive trucks, or at minimum minivans and hatchbacks with truck-like designs. These ended up good cars, but they ended up created with the Japanese market place in mind.

Potentially the decreased resale price because of to an unwanted transmission kind was adequate to doom this car when a little something broke.

In its homeland, this van could be bought with all-wheel-generate. Zoom-zoom!

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