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Junkyard Gem: 2006 Mercedes-Benz R500


Mar 18, 2023
Junkyard Gem: 2006 Mercedes-Benz R500

Sometimes a motor vehicle manufacturer builds a little something that’s so much in advance of its time that no person very is aware to make of it, these kinds of as the American Motors Eagle. Other situations, there will be a new motor vehicle that fills a require in admirable style but appears so strange that potential customers shy away in horror (see: Pontiac Aztek). And, of study course, there is certainly the scenario of the nicely-created machine that does its career properly plenty of but just confuses motor vehicle purchasers, eventually disappearing with minor fanfare a couple several years later on. The Mercedes-Benz R-Class was these types of a car or truck, and I have identified a initially-calendar year example in pleasant issue in a Colorado boneyard.

As our reviewer place it, 17 several years ago: The new Mercedes-Benz R-Course is a bit like the platypus, the fur-coated, duck-billed, egg-laying mammal. It brings together areas of other motor vehicles with no getting 1 of them.

Certainly, the platypus of early-21st-century motor automobiles. Sort of a minivan, but with no the beneficial sliding doors of a minivan. Form of a wagon, but without having the auto-like appears (and trip) of a wagon. And, most significant, kind of an SUV but with out the tall journey peak and visual appearance of outdoors-themed aggression that moved SUVs off showroom flooring in the middle 2000s.

By all accounts, it was a well-screwed-with each other equipment that drove properly, held a great deal of things and was competent in snow and mud. The only problem was that couple Us citizens wished to invest in it. The R500 edition was terminated in North America immediately after 2007, while the R350 lingered on by means of 2012 prior to obtaining axed. Product sales have been so poor that, in 2016, we termed it one of the dumbest cars of all time. From time to time what will make a vehicle a Junkyard Gem is its historical significance!

This 5.-liter V8 manufactured 302 horsepower and 339 pound-feet. The only transmission available was a seven-pace automatic.

The foundation cost for the 2006 R500 was $55,000, which arrives to about $83,440 in 2023 bucks. This a single is packed with expensive alternatives, together with the twin sunroofs, so its out-the-door price would have been a lot greater.

This clock structure will take inspiration from the W126 S-Courses of the 1980s and their VDO clock-within-a-tachometer design. VDO also sold that rig to Saab for the 900. I imagined about yanking this clock and purchasing it for my selection, but Mercedes-Benz gauge clusters get as well prolonged to disassemble (and I will wager this clock is just a stepper-motor style managed by the Eu, in any case).

Why is it below? The El Paso County Sheriffs towed it away for staying parked illegally, and its proprietor couldn’t or wouldn’t get it out of hock.

The 3rd row feels like a entrance row.

No issue how undesirable it receives out here, it is continuously wonderful in there.

Karl Benz would have been amazed.

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