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Lamborghini Huracan is officially sold out through end of production


May 16, 2023
Lamborghini Huracan is officially sold out through end of production


The Lamborghini Gallardo managed a trick no V8-powered Lamborghini pulled off before, going back to the 1973 Urraco: Act as a thoroughly worthy undercard to the V12 main event. Perhaps the two extra cylinders made the difference, the Italian automaker selling 14,022 examples during the Gallardo’s 10 years on sale. That was a massive number, especially when the automaker was selling closer to 1,000 cars per year than the 9,233 it sold last year. The Huracán proved an even sweeter package, selling 14,022 units in just five years. With more than 20,000 on the roads worldwide, the V10 storm is about to come to an end. A single sentence in Lamborghini’s summary of Q1 financial performance reveals the V10 is “sold out till the end of production.”

The results summary doesn’t specify the date the last Huracán rumbles off the line. We know it will happen sometime next year, the automaker’s production almost entirely accounted for through the end of 2024.

Whatever follows the Huracán will make its debut later this year, and somehow, Lamborghini has managed to keep the powertrain secret. It’s agreed that the chassis will be a modified version of the platform created for the V12 hybrid flagship Revuelto. Car magazine says the Revuelto’s “monofuselage” will be reworked with aluminum to lower the price. As recently as last November, Auto Express wrote about Lamborghini technical officer Rouven Mohr saying, “[the Huracan successor is] not a range-oriented hybrid and there will be no kind of downsizing,” the mag saying Mohr conveyed the sentiment “that it’s against Lamborghini’s philosophy to reduce the engine size and then ‘compensate’ with electrification as some rivals have done.” 

A twin-turbo hybrid V8 has come up more recently, this engine being of Lamborghini’s design. With the company longer having a corporate sibling in the Volkswagen Group stable to share V10 hybrid costs and upkeep with, a hybrid V8 makes much more sense. The Group is awash in V8s and will be using hybridized versions in models from several brands. The scuttlebutt on this engine alleges about 850 horsepower of total output, turbos that don’t spool up until 7,000 rpm, and a 10,000-rpm redline. And we already know it’s going to sell like hotcakes — or crespolini, rather. 

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