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Lamborghini’s Revuelto enjoys new high-tech build processes


May 31, 2023
Lamborghini's Revuelto enjoys new high-tech build processes


Lamborghini exited the old age with a number of big bangs. The Aventador not only got an Ultimate special edition, but also a couple of one-offs with the Invencible and Autentica. The sold-out Huracan is rushing into the sunset in two directions, one on the road with the 60th Anniversary models, the other on the dirt with the sensational Sterrato. The brand with all the bull enters the new age with even more pop, attaching an electric motor to its hallmark V12, and remaking the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory that produces the hybrid V12 and the Revuelto two-door wrapped around it. In a video called “Building the Dream,” various members of the Lamborghini family explain how the production process have improved so that everyone can ensure they’re building a better car, better.

A fair bit of the Manufattura Lamborghini story reminded us of Maserati’s high-tec production overhaul at the Viale Ciro Menotti facility for the Nettuno V6 in the MC20. Computerized tools deliver repeatable build standards, the engine is built over a set of stations that include new seal testing and a final testing room, the transmission getting its own set of stations and build teams. There’s also a sustainability story inside and outside, with new machines and software enabling more utilization of hides for interiors, CO2-neutral energy runs the plant, and not far away, there’s a small forest with bee hives.  

The most impressive bit might be the automaker saying the new setup increases the customization options. With Lamborghini building one-offs for clients, we didn’t realize there was anything left to customize. The one line that stuck out to us was when Chief Manufacturing Officer Ranieri Niccoli said there’s a new V12 assembly line “that in the future can accommodate different engines.” That’s called foreshadowing. While we wait to find out what that sentence could mean, grab some gelato and have a watch of the video above.

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