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Latvian drunk drivers could have their cars delivered to Ukraine


Mar 10, 2023
Latvian drunk drivers could have their cars shipped to Ukraine


Drunk driving, past staying ridiculously selfish and exceedingly unsafe, can have substantial monetary repercussions if the driver is caught. Even though law enforcement often impound the car or truck getting driven, there are generally means for the man or woman to get it again. Authorities in Latvia also impound drunk drivers’ vehicles, but it’s sending the worst offenders’ rides to Ukraine to enable in the war work.

Reuters documented that Latvia had seized 200 cars from drunk motorists more than two months. Only the worst offenders have their motor vehicles taken, as authorities established the bar at three instances the authorized restrict, or a blood alcohol focus of .15. That is a stout selection for a place with fewer than two million citizens, and it is seemingly stunning to the persons in cost. The original system was to market or auction the confiscated motor vehicles, but the selection of impounded vehicles swiftly exceeded the government’s capability to promote them.

Volunteers ship the autos from Latvia to Ukraine, a extra than 800-mile push. The group’s founder mentioned authorities promised two dozen automobiles for every week and noted that the Twitter Convoy, as it is identified as, has moved about 1,200 cars so far. The Latvian finance minister reported the country is pleased to ship the vehicles in its place of auctioning them, telling Reuters, “we are all set to do virtually just about anything to guidance Ukrainians.”

Even each day passenger cars and trucks perform necessary roles in the war, with some acting as ambulances and provide transportation automobiles. The group claimed that off-highway autos are in higher need for obvious reasons, but they observe that other automobiles are employed to transport volunteers and shift between checkpoints.

The little Baltic nation appears poised to deliver thousands of autos to Ukraine just about every calendar year if its current trajectory carries on. There ended up 4,300 around-the-limit motorists on Latvia’s roads last 12 months, resulting in nearly a thousand incidents. Nevertheless the cars will just about certainly meet their close in Ukraine, their demise will at least help save lives instead of taking them.

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