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Lexus LC500 Edge launches in Japan for 60 lucky customers


Jun 14, 2023
Lexus LC500 Edge launches in Japan for 60 lucky customers


The criminally underrated Lexus LC500 is getting a very limited special edition release in Japan. It’s called the Edge, but it has nothing to do with Ford’s ample-proportioned crossover or the guitarist from U2. Instead, its name comes several wind-cheating aerodynamic add-ons with sharp edges. 

Several visual cues separate the Lexus LC500 Edge from regular LC coupes and convertibles. The most obvious one is the black wing affixed to the rear deck. Look closer, however, and you’ll notice that the front bumper fascia has two canards on either side just fore of the wheel wells. They create air vortices to control the airflow along the body sides, providing sharper handling and additional steering stability, Lexus says. 

Perhaps what’s more interesting is the way they’re molded into the fascia. Lexus takes finished fascias off the assembly line, then put them through a resin molding process that alters the existing shape. The company calls it a “world’s first” for production cars. 

Lexus LC500 Edges will be finished in an exclusive color called Hakugin, a matte white-silver matched with a jet black roof and black mirrors. The interior is a single-tone dark blue called Katsuiro, inspired by traditional Japanese indigo dying techniques. 

Edge models get a few mechanical changes buried beneath the sheetmetal as well. The rear aluminum suspension members are hollow to reduce unsprung weight and improve response. In addition Lexus says it has adjusted the backlash on the rear differential gear and reduced engine variance. How it has done so is not clear, but the description stops just short of saying these items were blueprinted. No power gains have been reported to the naturally aspirated 471-horsepower 5.0-liter V8. Prototypes were developed at the Toyota Technical Center test track in Shimoyama.

Only 60 of the LC500 Edge will be built for the Japanese market. The lucky customers will be chosen by lottery. Applicants have until June 27 to throw their names into the hat. It probably goes without saying you’d have to live in Japan to be eligible, and that’s unfortunate. Those selected will have the privilege of spending ¥17,600,000, or $125,560 at today’s very favorable exchange rates.

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