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Lexus teases 2024 GX and TX again ahead of Thursday’s reveal


Jun 6, 2023
Lexus teases 2024 GX and TX again ahead of Thursday's reveal


Lexus is dealing a one-two punch of big SUVs in Austin, Texas, on June 8. The 2024 Lexus GX is the long-awaited follow-up to the current off-road wonder, and the 2024 Lexus TX will be an all-new family-oriented 3-rower. But before they’re unveiled in full Lexus is circulating a couple more teasers giving us the best looks yet at the two trucks.

So far the only glimpses we’ve gotten of the GX are a front headlight corner and a rear upper three-quarters shot. The latest images show the whole shebang, though it’s partially obscured by big plumes of mud and water that the rig is splashing through. It’s what we surmised from the other teasers — that the GX has finally gotten a mean, muscular makeover to match its off-road prowess. 

Perhaps the GX’s most controversial design element, the spindle grille inspired by Toyota’s pioneering automatic loom business in the early 20th century, is much subdued. It’s still there, but it no longer looks grafted on (which it was on the current GX, whose debut in 2009 predates Lexus’ adoption of the spindle). Now the grille looks much more integrated into the front and, at least on the trim level shown, wears black outlines rather than chrome. 

Heritage cues remain as a nod to the legendary, go-anywhere Land Cruiser Prado on which the GX is based. A brawny hood with raised outer edges recalls the J90 generation built from 1996-2001 (the same one that outmaneuvered a bunch of Range Rovers in No Time to Die). The D-pillar also retains its distinctive gusset cut, an LC Prado trademark that’s been on the last three generations. Last but not least, large upright mirrors appear to take their shape from the dearly departed FJ Cruiser.

The Lexus TX’s teaser is far less revealing, but it’s our first look at the headlight pattern that’ll be bearing down on you as you leave the country club. Previous teasers have shown the rear side view and classy three-row interior. Notably, it’s the first Lexus in years that appears to no longer use an L-shaped DRL. Well, the shape is still there, but it’s upside-down now. A spindle grille that’s more defined by contour rather than a brightwork border recalls the all-electric RZ’s.

It doesn’t appear to be the cleanest design. If there are two design camps at Toyota — one that churns out busy uggos like the original Mirai and current Highlander, and another one that blesses us with lookers like the new Prius, Lexus UX and Lexus LC — the TX might fall into the former. Not that it’ll matter, though; a true 3-row based on the Grand Highlander and slotting between the RX-L and LX will sell like hotcakes. Nevertheless, we’ll reserve full judgement until we see it in person.

Speaking of which, the big reveal show is scheduled for 8 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, June 8.

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