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Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door picks up styling enhancements


May 15, 2023
Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door picks up styling enhancements

Mercedes-Benz designers have redrawn the front fascia on the V6-powered AMG GT 4-Door. The present AMG GT 43 and AMG GT 53 4-Doors are identified by Affalterbach’s hallmark A-wing structure that creates ornamental side intakes framing a split central opening. A stylized version of this appears on everything from the C-Class to the GLE-Class. The coming design is perhaps more aerodynamic, also more conservative. As standard, the vertical slats of the Panamericana grille remain as they are now, but the grille opening is taller. The functional portion of the grille hasn’t grown, the additional height is filled along the bottom with a black decorative piece. A narrow central intake resides below, while at the edges, thin vertical intakes replace the previous polygonal intakes. The look is called the “jet-wing design.” When modified with other design packages, the leading edge of the standard chrome front splitter area can be rendered in carbon fiber or reshaped again thanks to the Aerodynamic Package.

In back, the standard V6 bumper gains a bolder lower bumper housing a diffuser insert with three evenly spaced slats. This design comes close to copying the V8-powered AMG GT 63, save for having round tailpipes instead of the flagship’s rectangular units.

With the back end so close to the look of the V8 trim, it’s surprising to note that in order to get the V8 look at the front end, Mercedes will offer a V8 Styling Package. This swaps the V6’s standard front clip for one that mimics the AMG GT 63, the larger grille being all slat and omitting the decorative black underliner. In back, the V8 Styling Package keeps the same lower bumper as on the current V6 car, adding horizontal chrome trim line above the diffuser insert. 

Also of note, the V8-powered AMG GT 63 4-Door has dropped off the menu for our market, leaving just the 43 and 53 models. Mercedes announced the changes on its global media portal, not releasing any info yet concerning the U.S. market. While we wait for whatever becomes the flagship in the U.S., the V8 Styling Package might be the closest American shoppers can get to a V8-powered trim here. 

Elsewhere around the car, an optional rear bench turns the fastback into a five-seater for the first time, and the sunroof will be standard fit in markets where that isn’t presently the case. Wireless smartphone charging in the rear quarters becomes baked in as well; at the moment, that feature is part of the $3,550 Executive Rear Seat Package in the U.S. Another refinement to the MBUX infotainment software brings a new look and updated AMG-specific pages. A new AMG Performance Steering Wheel comes in a twin-spoke design, and the Burmester High-End 3D Surround Sound Audio, a $4,500 option here, improves its aural intensity with Dolby Atmos.

The exterior palette grows with the choice of Opalite White Metallic. The only performance improvement is enhanced suspension internals for the AMG Ride Control Plus adaptive suspension on the AMG 63 GT 4-Door, for markets still offering that car.

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