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Nissan Arizon concept is Ariya’s boxy, creased cousin


Apr 19, 2023
Nissan Arizon concept is Ariya's boxy, creased cousin


Along with Toyota, Nissan brought its own Chinese-market-focused concept to the Shanghai Auto Show. It’s called the Arizon, likely to follow along with the Ariya. Nissan didn’t share any production plans, but there is a fact about it that would seem to open up possibilities for it beyond just China.

The car was designed by Nissan’s Chinese division along with local partner Dongfeng. It reminds us a bit of what a future Nissan Rogue could look like. It’s a tall, upright and boxy thing, with a prominent, angled rear pillar. The front is particularly wide and squared-off, looking almost truck-like. It also has nifty lighting touches such as narrow LED strips that basically disappear when turned off.

The interior is fairly typical of concept EVs with a minimalist design focused around a large screen array. The screens are mounted far into the dash and blend into fancy ambient lighting arrays. Nissan also touts another popular feature of concept and luxury EVs: a digital assistant.

But one of the interesting things about the Arizon is the fact Nissan says it’s based on the CMF-EV platform, the same used by the production Ariya. So it would seem that it could be brought to reality relatively easily and quickly. And since the platform is used on a car also on sale in the U.S., it wouldn’t be out of the question for the Arizon to come to America if Nissan deemed it fit.

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