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Sky’s the limit with the new Range Rover SV Bespoke service


May 17, 2023
Sky's the limit with the new Range Rover SV Bespoke service


Land Rover is known for high-end, off-road-capable luxury SUVs, but the company is moving even further up the premium brand food chain with an in-house bespoke service for the Range Rover Autobiography and SV trims.

The Range Rover SV Bespoke program includes 391 interior material choices and 230 paint colors. Land Rover said it would also offer a match-to-sample service, similar to the ultra-popular and expensive Porsche Paint to Sample (PTS). Buyers can even add 24-carat gold exterior badges and select custom embroidery and interior trim.

Land Rover said buyers could go wild with their customization choices and themes, but if the process is too overwhelming, the automaker offers a few templates to help get things started. The program is available at the company’s UK SV Bespoke Commissioning Suite, select dealers, and online.

Beyond the near-limitless number of choices in the bespoke program, buyers have a range of powertrains available in the Autobiography and SV trims. The Autobiography can be had with a mild-hybrid inline-six with 534 horsepower or a 4.4-liter V8 making 523 horsepower. The SV trim gets a massively powerful V8 producing 606 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque.

Since so many choices and variables are involved, it’s impossible to nail down a final price for a bespoke Range Rover. As an example, the SV Bespoke paint colors available for lower trim levels add $8,450 to the price, so a custom-sample color is likely far more than that.

Regardless of what’s added, the SUV won’t be cheap. The SV starts at $234,000, so there should be no expectation of a reasonable price tag. Autobiography buyers get off with a $168,400 price tag, but that hardly feels like a bargain. The “base” Range Rover SE starts at $107,400, so the new SUV is a six-figure affair, no matter how you slice it.

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