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Smaller electric Cadillac SUV spied looking closer to production spec


May 1, 2023
Smaller electric Cadillac SUV spied looking closer to production spec

The next Cadillac EV is getting closer and closer, as these spy shots of an electric compact crossover show. We’ve spied this SUV once before, but it was a lot rougher than the polished-looking product we see in these spy shots.

Unlike before, this XT4-sized electric SUV is sporting its production light package. In front, we can see its vertically-oriented pixel-like LED headlights. These seemingly connect up into narrow, horizontal turn indicators that sit at the hood’s leading edge. In the rear, vertical taillights span the length of the lower hatch area, similar to the Lyriq. However, we can see the turn indicator lights are even higher, stretching all the way up into the rear glass area. They’re not the same as the lights that stretch into the sides of the car like the Lyriq, but they’re still massive lighting fixtures.

Beyond the lights, we get a good look at the body shape and sheetmetal itself, as this camouflage is rather tight-fitting. Just as we surmised before, this Cadillac looks like it will be very similar in size and stature to the Chevrolet Equinox EV that it shares some characteristics with. The smooth body sides and aerodynamic profile is in keeping with the EV theme. We’ll also point out that the 20-inch wheels this tester is sporting wear 245-section-width Michelin Primacy tires, and this is the first time we’ve seen this wheel design on this Cadillac.

There’s no official reveal date or an official name for this upcoming Cadillac EV yet, but considering how far along it looks, we have a feeling that Caddy will be taking the wraps off sooner rather than later. 

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