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Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD again available to order


May 4, 2023
Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD again available to order

Tesla tends to vibrate at a different speed than the rest of the automotive industry, as it doesn’t follow “the rules” for introducing and updating vehicles each year. In August 2022, the automaker closed orders for the Model 3 Long Range AWD, citing extreme demand and long wait times for the popular configuration. The car has long been listed on Tesla’s configurator with a sort of “coming soon” tag, and now it’s available again – with a few changes.

This iteration of the long-range Model 3 comes with a $47,240 price tag and a 325-plus-mile range. Tesla lists a 4.2-second 0-60 mph time and a 145-mph top speed for the car – impressive numbers that match the previous version of the long-range Model 3. Though strong, the range estimate is 33 miles shorter than the last car’s 358-mile estimate, possibly due to a new battery design.

Interestingly, the new Model 3’s price makes it extremely close in MSRP to the Model Y Long Range, though it’s the same price as the base Model Y that offers 279 miles of range. Some Model 3s are eligible for the full federal tax credit, but the Long Range can only claim $3,750 because of where Tesla sources battery materials for the car. The automaker hasn’t detailed the car’s construction, but the batteries could be lithium iron phosphate units made in China, as is the case with the base rear-wheel-drive Model 3.

The car’s reintroduction comes as Tesla continues to fiddle with pricing on many of its vehicles. The Model Y got a price cut in recent weeks, and a new entry-level trim hit Tesla’s site. Earlier this year, the automaker slashed prices by up to 20 percent on some models, a move that riled owners and made some worry about a fall in demand. Even so, many Model 3 and Model Y variants are eligible for tax credits, which could help its changes at a time when Hyundai, Kia, and others struggle to meet the new criteria.

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