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Tesla models dominate list of most-likely-to-be-recalled vehicles


Apr 18, 2023
Tesla models dominate list of most-likely-to-be-recalled vehicles


We hear about recalls all the time, some of which can be quite entertaining to detail, but it’s even more interesting to look at the brands with the most recalls each year. iSeeCars recently released its study of the most-recalled vehicles of 2022, finding that Tesla led the way, with all its models earning spots on the top-five list.

iSeeCars then used that data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to look at vehicles from the past 10 years and project the predicted number of recalls over a vehicle’s 30-year lifetime. While the average number of lifetime recalls landed at 4.0, several vehicles have a much larger number of predicted recalls. The 10 most recalled / most likely to be recalled vehicles are:

10. Ram 1500 Classic: 20.5 projected lifetime recalls

9. Ram 1500: 20.5

8. Volkswagen Atlas: 20.8

7. Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport: 22.4

6. Lincoln Aviator: 23

5. Tesla Model S: 26.4

4. Tesla Model X: 27.3

3. Tesla Model 3: 56.8

2. Porsche Panamera: 61.8

1. Tesla Model Y: 62.4

Though Tesla’s vehicles occupy four of the top five spots, iSeeCars noted that many of its recalls are handled with simple over-the-air software updates that don’t require time-consuming trips to the dealer. The recent, sweeping “Full Self-Driving” recall was conducted OTA (with Elon Musk complaining about the term “recall” when the fix is conducted this way). At the same time, Tesla vehicles don’t seem to follow the traditional arc of recall timing. Some new models see a flurry of recall activity in their first year or two on the market, followed by a period of stability as the issues are hammered out. Teslas don’t always look like that, as some see ongoing or increasing recalls over time.

Though they’re not always viewed as the most reliable vehicles, many models from Germany and the United States landed on the least-recalled list. The Mini Convertible is projected to have just 0.2 recalls, followed by the Lexus NX 300h and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. The Mercedes-Benz CLA and Lexus RX450h round out the top five. Others on the list of the 33 least-recalled vehicles include the Ford Fusion Energi at number 12 and the Chevrolet TrailBlazer at number 20.

For the full list of most-recalled and least-recalled vehicles, check out the iSeeCars study.

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