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The Best Electric Pressure Washers in 2023


Apr 20, 2023
The Best Electric Pressure Washers in 2023


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Washing your own car should be something every car enthusiast does to keep their prized possession fresh and clean. If you want to save yourself a trip to the car wash, you should consider getting your own electric pressure washer to blast your car from the comfort of your own driveway. Electric pressure washers can also be used on driveways, patio furniture, grills, house siding, fences, tools and many more things that need to be cleaned. Here are the best electric pressure washers available on Amazon.

$169.00 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Generates up to 2,300 PSI
  • Total Stop System
  • Flow Rate: 1.76 gallons per minute
  • 14.5 AMP electric motor
  • 5 quick connect nozzle tips

The Sun Jose SPX300 Electric High Pressure Washer provides the power to clean anything you need. The 14.5 amp electric motor is able to generate 2,300 PSI and pumps up to 1.76 gallons per minute. The Total Stop System will automatically shut off the power when the spray nozzle isn’t engaged in order to conserve energy and extend the life of the washer. It also comes with two large detergent tanks so you can add a concentrate of your choice. This electric power washer includes a two-year warranty.

$109.00 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Generates up to 1,700 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 1.2 gallons per minute
  • 35 ft. power cord
  • CETA certified
  • Small and easy to move around
  • Weighs 17.6 pounds

The Craftsman Electric Cold Water Pressure Washer is a small yet powerful pressure washer that is lightweight and easy to carry around. It has 13 amp motor that generates a maximum of 1,700 PSI and is able to pump up to 1.2 gallons per minute. This electric power washer is CETA certified, which is the Certified Equipment Trade Association that partner with different equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

$349.00 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Generates up to 3,200 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 1.76 gallons per minute
  • Built-in half-gallon soap tank
  • 5 different nozzle tips
  • 3 year limited warranty

This Westinghouse WPX3200e Electric Pressure Washer is a high-powered washing machine. It can generate up to 3,200 PSI and pump 1.76 gallons per minute. It also has a built-in half-gallon soap tank for cleaning products and other types of concentrate. It comes with five spray nozzles to customize the spraying pressure and pattern. Westinghouse has a 3-year limited warranty for this product.

$132.80 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Generates up to 2,150 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 2.6 gallons per minute
  • 1,800 watt electric motor
  • Total Stop System
  • 1 year warranty
  • Maximum water temperature of 140 degrees 

The Rock&Power Powerful Electric Pressure Washer can blast away dirt and grime from any surface. It has an 1,800-watt motor that can generate up to 2,150 PSI and pump 2.6 gallons per minute. It has a Total Stop System to help the washer conserve energy. The water temperature from this electric pressure washer can reach up to 140 degrees. The washer also comes with a 1-year warranty.

$349.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • TruBrushless motor design
  • Generates up to 3,000 PSI
  • 25 ft. long hose
  • Flow Rate: 1.1 gallons per minute
  • Jettflow Technology
  • Maximum water temperature of 104 degrees

The Greenflow 3000 PSI TruBrushless Electric Pressure Washer is serious business. The 14 amp motor generates up to 3,000 PSI and pumps 1.1 gallons per minute. The Jettflow Technology delivers up to 50% more water flow for better power rinsing. The maximum water temperature this power washer can reach is 104 degrees.

Pros and Cons of electric pressure washers

Electric pressure washers offer many great benefits, the most important being their versatility. They can be used to pressure wash your car, fences, homes, driveways, tools, etc. They are also easier to start as a lot of them have a push-to-start button or a simple power switch.

A drawback you may face is if too much pressure is applied, it could harm your car’s paint. Electrics also have less pressure than gas-powered pressure washers, which means they will take longer to get the job done.

How to use an electric pressure washer

Before turning on an electric pressure washer, you have to make sure the battery is charged. Connect your water hose or water tank to the washer with the adapter. Make sure you have the proper spray nozzle for the specific task you are going to complete before getting started. Once you are all set up and have the washer in an optimal location, turn it on, start aiming and begin spraying.

Electric pressure washer vs gas pressure washer

Electric power washers are powered by an electric motor and have to be charged beforehand to get started. Gas powered pressure washers use gasoline to power them, and they run longer and have a higher PSI and more gallons per minute than your average electric pressure washer. They are also more expensive than their electric counterparts. Electric models are intended for smaller cleaning jobs while gas models are meant for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Hot water vs cold water

The temperature of the water in pressure washers can alter how well it performs. Cold water pressure washers are best suited for cleaning hard surfaces and removing dirt, mud, mildew and grime. This type of power washer is the best option for an average homeowner’s occasional use. Hot water pressure washers can do all the things a cold one can do, but more effectively. These are used mostly by commercial companies that power wash often.

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