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The Mercedes-Benz Project Mondo G is puffy


Jun 15, 2023
The Mercedes-Benz Project Mondo G is puffy

The last time we saw Mercedes partner with a fashion designer (the late Virgil Abloh), the resulting vehicle was the rather cool off-road electric coupe called Project Maybach. It’s something we could actually see being built and sold, especially in a world where the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato and Porsche 911 Dakar exist. This more recent mash-up of fashion and Mercedes is… not that. It’s the Project Mondo G, and, well, you can see the photos.

The Mondo G is the result of a collaboration with fashion brand Moncler. And Mercedes notes that it’s a mix of the G-Class and Moncler’s puffer jackets. If nothing else, at least we can clearly see both those products in the Mondo G. The whole roof is basically a chromed puffer jacket, complete with a zipper down the middle and a pull tab at the back with the Moncler logo. And of course, the wheels and tires continue the chrome jacket theme as enormous balloon tires. And juxtaposed to the gleaming, rounded jacket sections is the patina-finish blocky G-Class in the middle.

The modifications have made the big G far bigger. It’s 15 feet long, 9.8 feet tall and 11.1 feet wide. The whole thing isn’t absurdly heavy, though, at 5,000 pounds. That being said, as a sculpture, it’s not exactly light, either. We’re 99.9% certain this G-Wagen cannot be driven.

Obviously, if even this piece of art (?) is immobile, you can bet there’s not going to be any sort of production variant. At least, there won’t be any that quite matches the Mondo G’s looks. Maybe Mercedes could find some other way to translate the look? What if the seats were upholstered like the real puffer coats? They could use the 4×4 Squared and give it extra big tires. Maybe fit a roof box with plastic molded in a similar puffy quilted pattern. But that’s as far as we’re speculating unless Mercedes starts paying us for these brilliant ideas.

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