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Toyota Corolla Nightshade Edition returns for 2024


May 9, 2023
Toyota Corolla Nightshade Edition returns for 2024


There’s good news for hardcore Toyota Corolla fans. The automaker is bringing back the Nightshade Edition for 2024, and the hybrid variant is available with the treatment for the new model year. Though they look the part, Corolla Nightshade Edition models are mechanically no fiercer than the standard models, though it’s hard to argue with the fuel economy of up to 47 mpg for the hybrid variant. We don’t have pricing yet, but the Corolla Nightshade models are expected on dealers’ lots later this year.

As with other Nightshade models, the Corolla gets a host of not-quite-sinister-looking black exterior trim pieces and exclusive 18-inch bronze wheels. All badges have been blacked out, and the cars get a gloss-black mesh grille. Sedan models get a rear spoiler, and the Corolla hatch picks up a two-tone paint job and a surprisingly aggressive rear wing spoiler.

The Corolla sedan and hybrid models are available in black, silver and white, while the Corolla Hatchback’s two-tone paint options include white with a black roof, silver with a black roof, or solid black. An available options package adds a sunroof.

Though the package gives the Corolla a far sportier look, nothing changes under the hood. The Corolla Hybrid Nightshade can be had with front- or all-wheel drive and comes with a 1.8-liter engine with two electric motors. The gas-only Corolla carries on with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder making 169 horsepower.  All models get a continuously variable transmission with a unique “first gear” that enables more confident acceleration.

Toyota gave the Corolla a modest refresh for 2023, bringing new LED headlights and an updated front fascia, bumper and grille. The car also finally got the GR treatment in 2023, giving it the performance to match its sporty styling. The Nightshade Edition isn’t available for that car, but the widebody GR Corolla is plenty aggressive on its own.

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