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Toyota teases portable JBL smart speaker for 2024 Tacoma


Apr 25, 2023
Toyota teases portable JBL smart speaker for 2024 Tacoma


Just in case you haven’t had quite enough 2024 Toyota Tacoma teasers (we’ve lost count at this point), here’s one more for you: The replacement midsize pickup will be available with a portable smart speaker care of JBL. Yep, that’s the teaser. All of it. Don’t believe us? Here it is on Toyota’s own words:

“Bring your tunes from the dash to the campsite. The all-new 2024 Toyota Tacoma, available with JBL® FLEX removable and portable speaker. Stay tuned for more.”

The Tacoma was last redesigned back in 2015 and eight years is an eternity in the car biz. The good news is, Toyota has more than a Bluetooth gimmick up its sleeve for the redesigned Taco. We’re expecting the TRD Pro model to come with rear disc brakes and adjustable Fox shocks, a new TrailHunter trim has already been teased and Toyota has shown itself to be “in” on previous leaks by hinting that the patent filing revealed last year led us all down the correct path. Plus, Toyota has already confirmed that hybrid power is on the way for its midsize pickup. 

These days, marketers generate interest the way retired people brew coffee: one drip at a time. Over the past month, we’ve seen three more teasers for the new Tacoma. At this rate, we may not be done, despite the fact that Toyota insists “Taco Tuesday” — its name for the day when the new Tacoma will be formally unveiled — is drawing near. Hopefully we don’t have much longer to wait. 

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