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VW Golf R 333 ups the horsepower … and sizzles in yellow


May 5, 2023
VW Golf R 333 ups the horsepower ... and sizzles in yellow


Colored bright yellow and sporting a horsepower rating of 325-plus, a special “limited” edition of Volkwagen’s super-hatch, now named the “Golf R 333,” is loaded for previewing on YouTube ahead of a full VW reveal on May 31.

The video presented ahead of the reveal offers a look at what to expect at the end of month, including a fancy Akrapovic four-pipe exhaust, a set of cross-drilled brakes, black Estoril alloy wheels, ‘333’ badging and an exterior paint color unavailable on the current Golf R. 

The Golf R 333 will likely replace the Golf R 20 Years, Volkswagen’s most powerful production Golf to date, which is propelled by the venerable turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder ‘EA888’ engine. According to a preview in Autocar, the 333 package increases the hot hatch’s top speed from an electronically limited 155 mph to 166 mph. 

No indication yet about which global markets will receive the car, which is likely due next year.

The current on-sale Golf R in the U.S. — in very limited supply — includes the 20th anniversary edition, with 315 horsepower and a starting price of $45,390.

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