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Watch as teen driver doing over 120 mph nearly takes out a cop


May 4, 2023
Watch as teen driver doing over 120 mph nearly takes out a cop


Police officers have dangerous jobs, and the threat can come from any direction. A frightening video hit the internet last week, showing a Virginia officer narrowly escaping death as a speeding car slammed into the vehicle he had pulled over in a traffic stop.

Officials say the car was traveling “well over 120 mph” before the collision occurred. Thankfully, the Fairfax County officer saw the 17-year-old driver coming in too hot and was able to jump out of the way at the last second. It also helps that the officer was on the passenger side of the stopped vehicle. The teen’s careening car smashed into the stopped car, clipped the officer’s leg, and slammed into his cruiser. He was able to hop off the road and radio for help, saying, “My cruiser was hit, driver was hit, trying to check on injuries.”

The young driver had two other passengers in his 2018 BMW M3, and all three people in the offending car were treated for minor injuries. The young driver was cited for misdemeanor reckless driving, but we hope the wreck and near-death experience are enough to curb his need for speed. At the very least, it’s likely his 425-horsepower BMW missile is out of commission permanently, something that would be hard to swallow at 17 without serious financial backing from a parent – though that’s likely how the car ended up with the irresponsible teen in the first place.

There’s no word on how the driver of the stopped car is doing, but the officer said he stopped that car for doing 73 in a 50 mph zone. Both numbers seem crazy, given how strict speeding and radar detector laws are in Virginia. The state charges people with reckless driving for speeding more than 20 mph over the limit, so both drivers in this situation could be facing a misdemeanor. The state even locked up an automotive journalist several years ago for a nasty speeding infraction, so it’s surprising to see the driver of the M3 walking away without jail time.

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