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Watch Tesla Model S take back the production EV Nurburgring record


Jun 7, 2023
Watch Tesla Model S take back the production EV Nurburgring record


Last summer, Porsche went to the Nürburgring to reclaim the production electric car lap record from Tesla. It managed to beat the Model S Plaid by just over 2 seconds with a Taycan Turbo S equipped with a new performance package. Now, Tesla has done almost the exact same thing. It went back to Germany with Model S Plaid with a new performance package, and toppled the Taycan.

The Tesla’s official time is 7:25.231. That’s a seriously impressive 8.119 seconds faster than the Taycan’s time. You can watch the whole lap at the top of this post.

The Model S Plaid pulled this off with the addition of the Track Pack. It was introduced last month, so this record seems to be proof of its effectiveness. What it includes are huge carbon ceramic brakes at all four corners, six- and four-piston calipers, upgraded pads, lightweight wheels, sticky Goodyear tires and some firmware updates. You can see more details here, and the package is available from Tesla for a not-insignificant $20,000.

So the ball is pretty much back in Porsche’s court to try to take the record back. Perhaps it’s time for a GT-branded Taycan with even more power? Or maybe some other manufacturers should get in on the game. Lucid certainly has a potent electric sedan. We’re certainly happy to see some lap record jockeying again.

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