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We might have just gotten a peek inside the Tesla Cybertruck — and it’s shockingly bare bones


May 25, 2023
We might have just gotten a peek inside the Tesla Cybertruck — and it's shockingly bare bones


Tesla teased another Cybertruck feature.
Tesla on YouTube
  • The Cybertruck interior may be surprisingly utilitarian.
  • A sparse interior might not have much impact on Cybertruck hype.
  • The Cybertruck is expected to finally go on sale later this year.

Tesla fans might have just gotten their first glimpse of the Cybertruck interior, and it’s a stark contrast from the eye-popping exterior.

Photos alleged to be from a Tesla’s shareholder day last week began circulating Wednesday on a Cybertruck enthusiast forum, displaying a new steering wheel style for Tesla as well as a massive interior screen.

See the post from the Cybertruck Owners Club here.

Screenshot of a post on Cybertruck Owners Cluh containing photos of Tesla's Cybertruck interior
A post on Tesla Owners Club purports to show the interior of Tesla’s Cybertruck
Screenshot via Cybertruck Owners Club

The unconfirmed interior photos come as hype for Tesla’s first pickup truck, the first all-new Tesla in years, reaches a fever pitch. Industry experts and analysts have said they expect the Cybertruck to change the pickup truck market as we know it.

The sparse interior might not change this hype. Much of the excitement for the Cybertruck is based solely on the exterior look of the truck, which automotive analyst for Edmunds, Ivan Drury, said makes it a truck that competes against “everybody and nobody.”

“If the Cybertruck comes to fruition looking like it did at the debut, that should be more than enough,” Drury said. “Everything else from tech and features is just icing on the cake.”

Signs that the Cybertruck is getting closer to production have been leaking out at the same time CEO Elon Musk promises the truck will finally go on sale later this year. The Cybertruck is expected to inject some much-needed excitement into an aging Tesla fleet.

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